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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a
passive-income Business owner in 30 days

Friends, I built a multiple 6-figure business from the ground up and retired my husband from his 9-5 in less than one year.

It all started with a blog post that I wrote to an audience of none while nursing my newborn son on the couch.

I was in the thick of the chaos of life and knew I wanted something for myself. I wanted to be home with my family, work to live and not live to work – and I wanted to make good money doing it.

I am so excited to share every. single. secret. about what I did to create & launch a successful, 6-figure online course.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Can you imagine this being your future?

You wake up and have notifications showing deposits in your bank account for work you put in months (and even years) ago.

You have an automated plan for your business that grows your income more than you thought possible – all while brunching or hanging out on the beach.

You are confident in your calling and purpose and say yes to the things that truly align with your gifts and ‘Brilliance Zone’.

You are no longer tied to the 9-5 job or paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle because you have created numerous income streams doing what you love.

You have a faithful, engaged community of people who share what you create with their friends and followers. 


In The Course Creation Academy, I will teach you how to:

Find your niche, determine your target market, create your school, plan your revenue, price your course, record and edit your content, market your launch successfully and build REAL passive income from start-to-finish.

By the time you finish the Academy, your course will be completely written & ready to LAUNCH!

In this course we will discuss:

The one reason most entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid that pitfall
A step-by-step guide to finding God's purpose for you and your 'Brilliance Zone'
Pricing your course so that you can make money while you sleep (and vacation, and play, and eat)
Exactly how to outline, write and record your course without stress or intimidation
Pricing your course for a six to SEVEN-FIGURE profit (and how to do it without feeling guilty!)
How to get your audience REALLY excited about your course - WAY before you launch!
LAUNCH DAY! - The perfect custom marketing strategy just for you!

Why trust me?
Let me tell you my story!

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I'm Lindsey

The founder and CEO of Living Easy Co. - a completely ordinary girl with really big dreams.

Nearly 7 years ago I started a blog from my couch, holding a newborn and covered in spit-up.

It wasn’t glamorous, but I wanted to talk about the things that I loved. 

The only problem was that, no matter how active I was on social media, likes and follows didn’t pay the bills.

Here’s where things changed: I began following a girl on IG who created Online Courses. She made $15,000 overnight during her first launch and I was fascinated by her success.

And I knew if I didn’t at least try, I would never succeed. 

After much time, energy and some tears, I launched my first course! 

And the next morning I burst into tears when I saw that I had TRIPLED in one night what my inspiration had profited for her launch.⁣

And that's when it all changed...

I created *The Wife Project Course* in 2020 and less than one year later, I replaced my husband’s income and retired him from his real estate career at the age of 32! 

Jesse now stays home with me and we have been able to travel the world, stay home with our kids and enjoy life more than ever before. 

Woah, right?! ⁣ ⁣

I’m here to tell you that I’m NOT special and that it DEFINITELY isn’t too late for you to do this *especially with reels and TikTok changing the game*.

And that you DO have something worth sharing and teaching, even if you don’t feel like an expert.⁣

I’m so excited to show you how!

So friend, grab a coffee and get ready to:

learn my secret for getting people to sign up months in advance to buy your course
Determine who *your* people are and the value that only *you* can give them
How to strategically create a solid marketing plan that will make you money - far after your course is launched
How to hit the sweet-spot with every course you create from here on out

& so much more!

This course is for you if:

You are looking for a way to work from literally anywhere and everywhere!


You desire to be an entrepreneur without trading your time for money.
You need the reminder that 1. God has given you purpose and passion for a reason and 2. That there is no shame in making a living for your family.
You need help walking step-by-step through the intimidating process of finding your niche, creating your school and finding the perfect price for your course.
You want the best platforms, tools and resources to create hype around your launch (and for years after)
You are ready to live with financial freedom and plan the vacations, adventures and experiences that you have always wanted for your family.

This is me!

Do you want to learn how to become a marketing expert on social media while creating multiple streams of income?

If so, *The Ultimate Online Money-Making Bundle* is for you!

here's the thing...

I'm passionate about this because courses have changed our lives in tremendous ways & I want the same for you!

In the past two years, Jesse and I have dug deeply into building multiple online businesses and it has been a huge joy for us to do so. 

We travel more. 

We’ve moved across the country. 

And my husband has retired from his job to stay home with our family – ALL because of online courses.

I LOVE to teach other people how to create passive income streams, and I want to share the things that we’ve done that have created the most profit for our business. 

Course Modules:

Module One

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Module Two

Picking the Perfect Course Topic and Finding *Your* People

Module Three

Building Your Online Course

Module Four

Building Your School

Module Five

It's Launch Time: How to Launch and Market a Successful Course

BONUS resources included:

My entire 'Course Launch Marketing Roadmap': The exact marketing plan that I personally used for my 6-figure course launch

The Finding Your Niche and Determining Your Target Market Worksheets

A Rewards + Goals Worksheet to get yourself truly motivated and inspired

A custom Podcast Pitch Template to help you get in front of LARGE audiences quickly

Note-taking pages to help keep your thoughts organized

Modules and Subtopics Worksheet (to help you write your course before you even finish the Academy!)

A Success and Work Batching Checklist to Keep You on Track and Stop the Procrastination Forever

A Custom Step-by-Step Email Marketing Plan (the *game-changer* for my business)

Are you ready to write your story?

“I had an idea for a self-guided life coaching course that sat idle in my heart for months. I connected with Lindsey and have been so blessed, inspired and motivated by her wisdom and fresh perspective. 

Not only was I able to create and launch my course, Faith Fueled Breakthrough™,  Lindsey also helped me grow my following through her social media strategies. My audience grew by leaps and bounds. 

I’m so grateful for Lindsey’s insights and mentorship. She renewed my passion and my mission for women!” 

- Katie Hedrick

So How Much Does It Cost ?

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link and get started:

My 5 Curriculum Trainings on Profiting From Online Course Creation (value: $1,297)

Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Plan + Custom Launch Strategy Roadmap (value: $275)

A 25+ Page Action-Taking Workbook to Guide You in Writing, Creating & Launching Your Course (value $425)

10 Marketing Strategies for a Successful, Hyped Up Launch ($375)

A Guide to Creating and Recording Your School for Greatest Success  (value $225)

Start adding up those numbers, y'all —
that's a total value of $2,597!

But don’t you worry! I’m not charging anything NEAR that for my Academy!

 I want this course to be something that is possible for everyone to be a part of!
I want it to be available to anyone who desires something new, knowing that a return on investment IS possible!

Would you hand someone $1 if you were promised $5 in return? You’d be crazy not to! That is what it is to invest in creating an online course that pours money into your bank account while you sleep.

No matter what season of life you’re in with your business, whether you’re a beginner with tons of dreams or an experienced entrepreneur: If you’re ready to serve your audience with valuable content while also increasing your profit margin, you’re in the right place.

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