If you are looking to find ‘more to life’, you came to the right place.

I’m a firm believer that relationships change everything. Your marriage doesn’t have to feel impossible. Your motherhood doesn’t have to feel like a train-wreck.

The “good life” definitely does not have to be behind you. And healthy, fun, adult friendships don’t have to feel impossible.

I have one goal through this ministry: to talk about the things that nobody likes to talk about in order to remind you that you are more than your mess.

We only have one life – and you don’t want to just ‘get by’, do you? That isn’t living.

Marriage & Relationship Courses

I'm just an ordinary Jesus-loving girl. But I love studying the art of marriage and relationships with a biblical perspective & I love leading couples toward abundant, godly lives. I'm the host of the top-ranking podcast, The Living Easy Podcast, where I focus on biblical relationships.(Feel free to listen in to a few episodes to get to know my teaching style and my heart!)

Nothing changes if nothing changes

The Wife Project + The Sex & Intimacy Project Bundle

The Thriving marriage bundle!

Access to BOTH The Wife Project: From Roommates to Soulmates AND The Sex & Intimacy Project Courses. 

This go at-your-own pace bundle will give you all the tools you need to build a healthy, holy, and intimate marriage. 

The Sex & Intimacy Project

our fool-proof roadmap for a pleasurable, creative & thriving sex life and emotional connection.

This course is an in-depth, raw, and vulnerable 4-week online program, completely unlike anything else out there. Because marriage and pleasure SHOULD go together! 

The Sex & Intimacy Project was created FOR couples to help create conversation, understanding and passion around the topic of sex. Jesse and I share our journey to better intimacy with you and teach you practical tips to implement daily for a thriving, joyful, pleasurable sex life and emotional connection. 

The Wife Project

"Because God didn't call you to be a "fix him" wife, He called you to be a "love him" wife"

I understand that marriage can be difficult. Disconnected seasons can be hard and defeating. And giving up often feels like the best solution.
I created an online course created for women who desire to go from “roommates” to “soulmates”. 
Do you desire to be the wife God created you to be? 
If you are willing, I am here to help you do the hard, holy, heart- work & dig deep in order to to fight for a happy, healthy marriage that honors God. 

The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman Course

Deconstructing Her Identity in Jesus So You Can Live in Yours

As women, we are constantly battling the standards that society has placed upon our shoulders. But what does God’s word actually say about what it means to be a godly, virtuous woman with honorable character?

Grab a cup of coffee & hang with me as we deconstruct each verse of Proverbs 31 to help you deeper understand and implement the patterns of her life in a way that fits the calling and gifts that God has given specifically to YOU.

The Wife Project + Modern Proverbs 31 Woman Course Bundle

Deconstructing Her Identity in Jesus So You Can Live in Yours

A self-paced video course and Marriage Challenge Journal created to dig into the deeply-rooted issues of your heart and marriage to help you become the wife that God created you to be.+

In The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman Course, we will be breaking down the lies that we so often believe about womanhood. Deconstructing Her identity in Jesus So You Can Live In Yours

"I just finished the first session out of the eight and I have tears pouring down my cheeks. I have so much work to do and so much humbling that is needed in my heart and marriage. This course is so well written.

There's no condemnation, no guilt. It's supportive, encouraging and convicting and the practical steps are so helpful for me. It takes a strong, tethered-to-God woman to remind women that it's not only about what their husband is doing; change can start with us. I truly love your heart and this project so much!!! Thank you!"

- Nicole T. (The Wife Project)

Let's be

Faith Building, Growing-Together, Kind Of Friends

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