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The Living Easy Podcast

The faith-based podcast that digs deep into the hard topics (the ones people usually don’t discuss) with a whole lot of laughter & biblical truth. My goal is to make you feel like you’re having coffee or cocktails with your best girl friends (and learning how to thrive at the same time!)

You’ll hear conversations between me and my husband about our own struggles and growth in marriage as well as raw discussions between long-time friends.

Listen to the hearts of mommas who have learned to actually blossom in motherhood (no settling, allowed!), “real-people” tips on budgeting, traveling and home decor and more – with the gospel at the center of it all.


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Every Day Topics With a Biblical Perspective!

I have listened to many of the episodes on this podcast and am always glad I do. Not only is her voice enjoyable to listen to but topics that might be uncomfortable she brings up and ties in important bible passages. Anyone could easily find an episode that is relatable.

Love this lady!

I have followed Lindsey for a while and she’s just so powerful and brings everything back to God and scripture...so thank you for your heart and vulnerability!

Real + Raw Encouragement

She focuses on Jesus in every episode + listening to her just encourages me to keep going forward! I CRY, laugh and nod in agreement while listening to her! I’d love to meet her one day!


Lindsey is one of the most genuine, encouraging, and loving people. Her words soothe the soul and her topics make you want to live better. She has gotten me through so many hard times just by listening to what she has to say. Check her out!!!

Favorite Podcast!

I am obsessed! If you listen to any podcasts, this is one to listen to. She is honest, fun and not afraid to touch on things that other people don’t discuss. Also, her life-hacks on motherhood and organization have been a saving grace for me.


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