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You're already making income as a creator with collaborations, but you're ready to scale up to 6-7 figures.

You have a story, a purpose and experience to share with the world, but you don't know how to get it out there in a way that works.
You have seen the lifestyle, the time-freedom and financial freedom that content creation can bring and you're ready to make that your lifestyle as well.
you have already created and launched a course, but can't seem to get it out into the world in the right way.
You are willing to put in the time and work, but you need someone to help coach you through the process with personal attention.
You simply don't know where to begin with this whole 'influencer' thing, and you need someone to guide you, step-by-step.

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Why Trust Me??

Let me share my story!


I'm Lindsey! The founder and CEO of Living Easy Co.

I've built a multiple 6-figure business by creating online courses & running a Social Media Management Business and I'm teaching you how to do exactly what I've done.

Nearly 7 years ago I started a blog from my couch, holding a newborn, covered in spit-up.

It wasn’t glamorous, but I wanted to talk about the things that I loved. 

The only problem was that, no matter how active I was on social media, likes and follows didn’t pay the bills. My husband worked 80+ hour weeks and we couldn’t handle it as a family. Something had to change. 

I began following a girl on Instagram who created online courses. She made $15,000 overnight during her first launch and I was fascinated by her success.

I knew I had something to say, and I knew that we were ready for time freedom and financial freedom. 

I knew that if I didn’t at least try, I would never succeed. Two months later, I launched my first course! 

The next morning, I woke up and saw that I had TRIPLED in ONE NIGHT what my inspiration had profited for her launch – bringing in over $42K, all while watching The Great British Bake Off.⁣

And that's when it all changed!

I created *The Wife Project Course* in 2020 and less than one year later, I replaced my husband’s income and retired him from his real estate career at the age of 32! We moved across the country and bought a house in our dream city.

Jesse now stays home with me and our two boys. I am able to work only 3-4 hours per week and am now seeing consistent $25K-$70K MONTHS (not years) while enjoying my family and my life more than ever before. 

I’m here to tell you that my situation is NOT special. This is a $14 BILLION industry. There IS space for you.

You have something worth sharing and teaching, and even if you don’t “feel” like an expert yet, I will help you to get there with my personalized blueprint and one-on-one coaching.

I’m so excited to show you how!

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Online Courses & Passive Income

can change your life!!

Let me read your mind for a sec!

Do any of these resonate with you?


“I need to recession-proof my business”

Our economy is only getting worse and inflation is affecting people’s lives. Online courses and coaching are a multi-billion dollar industry – and they aren’t going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about being “let go” from a 9-5 job. As we see the recession affecting our economy, people will be seeking out other trade options and ways to make money on the side. And that’s exactly what your course will teach them! They will be paying you to learn.

“I want level up my 5-6 figure income:”

Creating and launching even ONE course will instantly increase your passive income. Once your course is created, it’s *finished*. Can you imagine waking up to see that you made thousands while you were sleeping?

"I want to travel more and actually LIVE!"

I’m currently creating this page while sitting next to my husband on the couch at 1pm on a Monday. We get to be home together with one another and with our kids all the time. We don’t miss events or sports games or school programs – we get to choose what our days look like because of time freedom.

“I really want to leave my 9-5 and support my spouse's income.”

The world is quickly shifting away from jobs that require you to sit in a cubicle, helping someone else to be successful. With digital course creation, you make your own hours and there is no ceiling to the income that you can make.

“I want to stop stressing about the bills.”

A paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle isn’t a way to live and let me be honest- in the world we live in today, this shouldn’t be a thing. There are TOO many opportunities for making money online to live this way. I teach over 27 ways to make income online, no matter what your skillset or following may be. Paycheck-to-paycheck will be a thing of the past once you complete this course.

The economy isn't getting any better. It's time to recession-proof your life.

+ Get out of your 9-5 for good and never look back

+ Spend more time with your people doing what you love

+ Supplement your spouse's income and take the weight off of their shoulders

+ Give much more generously to the people around you

+ Travel to your dream destinations (while getting paid to do it!)

+ Experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with being successful

I have created my videos, posts and copy in a way that constantly point back to the ultimate things:

1. Breaking down the 'intimidating' stuff in an easy-to-follow format

2. Providing well for your family, living in financial freedom and truly enjoying life.

the full scoop

This is what you get:


The Online Money-Making Bundle | Permanently Profitable Academy:

Over 13 Modules | 50+ Videos. Courses Include: (1) Your Roadmap to Creating and Launching a 6-Figure Digital Course AND (2) A Fool-Proof Blueprint for Becoming a Full-Time Content Creator.


Two Full Workbooks to Help You Implement What You're Learning Step-by-Step

Every workbook page is created and intended for you to learn how to build a 6-figure online business from the comfort of your home. Content doesn’t always last long on one platform, but there are better ways. By the time you finish the course and workbook, you will have built your business from the ground up. 


Accountability Check-Ins:

Monthly accountability check-ins from our team as you walk through the Academy to ensure that you are putting into action what you’ve learned. 


Access to Our Clients Only FB Group for Community Encouragement and Insight

I will answer popular Q&A’s, give you updates on the latest business and social media trends and continue sharing what I am personally learning to level up my business through my clients-only *Facebook group*.

Join the mastermind and gain lifetime access to 12+ modules of my 6-figure business strategy

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Is the cost of NOT making a change exponentially higher than NOT investing in yourself? 

What do you lose if you don’t make a change in your life? 

A less joyful, less fulfilling life? Less travel? Less free time with your kids? 

The continued weight of unpaid debt?

Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes!

“As someone who has paid for, dare I say, thousands of dollars in courses from some of the top gurus in the game, this course has changed everything for me! I’ve never felt so engaged or aligned!

I struggle deeply with follow-through when it comes to business, mostly because I lose interest or focus so quickly. This course lays out such a practical roadmap that makes course creation feel completely attainable – even for someone like me!

You have such a gift for teaching and have provided practical, actionable, no-nonsense steps to execute ideas!

Without hesitation, I can genuinely say this course has been instrumental in changing my mindset and the trajectory of my own course creation!

Bravo to a job well done!

So let me ask you.

Are you ready to:

work from wherever, whenever - including a hotel room on a luxurious vacation?
have More financial freedom so that you can spend more time with your people and enjoy the fun luxuries that life has to offer?
Teach about what you already know and love?
receive daily income in your bank account from a $100 billion industry?


The Online Course Creation Academy

Module One: Setting Yourself up for Success | Overcoming Impostor Syndrome & Fear

Module Two: How to Find Your Genius Zone and Build Your Audience

Module Three: Building and Designing Your Course From Scratch + All the Techy Stuff

Module Four: Step-by-Step | Pricing Your Course, Getting It Up For Sale on a Platform

Module Five: It's Launch Time! How to Launch and Market Successfully to a Long Waitlist of People

The Social Media Marketing Academy

Module One: Your Purpose, Finding Your Niche and How To Become Financially Free

Module Two: Everything You Need to Know About Successful Content Creation

Module Three: Going Viral: Becoming an Instagram and TikTok Marketing Expert, Blogging, Hashtags, Creator Accounts, Collaborations and More

Module Four: Passive Income Streams: 27 Ways to Make Money Remotely

Module Five: Pinterest: Pinning to Success | How To Make Money From Pinterest and How I Receive 1-2 Million Views Per Month

One-time payment:
Only $1,997

(or 6 payments of $367)