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The Ultimate Money-Making &
Marketing Bundle

the course creation academy + 

the social media marketing academy

2 courses in one!

Online Courses + Passive Income Can

change your life!

This bundle includes over FIFTY sections of information about creating REAL income through Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Blogging, Email Lists and Course Creation!

Here’s the Truth Nobody Wants to Admit About Social Media:

The likes, the follows and the comments don’t pay the bills!

But, thankfully, there are ways that you can make daily passive income *even* with a small following. I’m going to show you how!

The truth is that there has *never* been a better time to get yourself, your brand and your business in front of MILLIONS of people at one time.

It's true that TikTok, Reels and Pinterest Stories have changed the game - but you need to know how to use them in the right way to make real money.

To be a 6-7 figure entrepreneur, you need to focus on more than the $100 here or there that you get from small collaborations.

It’s time for you to scale up. It’s time for you to elevate your business!

Once people begin watching and following you, the next steps are crucial in order to keep them there, serve them well and create *huge* profit with your knowledge.

And even more importantly: you want the right people to see the right message – or else it will all be for nothing!

Whenever someone new views my website, receives my emails or looks at my TikTok or my Instagram, I nearly always make a sale that contributes to my multiple 6-figure business. Why?

Because I have set up my content in such a way that anything I create *now* will last for years to come. I will show you how to turn everything that you create into an evergreen, long-lasting format!

If you’re looking to get away from hustle culture, (which I’m sure you are), you’re in the right place.
I’m ALL about automating your business and your life to make things happen while you sleep. You don’t want to spend your life exchanging your time for money, do you?! Neither do I.

I have created my videos, posts and copy in a way that constantly point back to the ultimate things:

1. Helping others change their lives with the knowledge and gifts I have been given.

2. Providing well for my family, living in financial freedom and enjoying life to the fullest.

The myth we so often believe is that the more you’re scrolling and creating on social media, the more money you’ll make.

You don’t need to have 10,000 followers, you don’t need to be scrolling for hours each day, you don’t have to be a marketing guru or have constant virality to be successful.

You just need a profitable niche and solid marketing strategy. (And I’ll be helping you to figure out exactly what that is for you!)

This bundle comes with BOTH the Social Media Marketing Academy and The Online Course Creation Academy guide.

I will lead the way in helping you as we walk step-by-step through utilizing your platforms in ways that serve your audience AND serve you.

Can you relate to this?

You have been thinking about leveling up in online business, but you don’t know the right steps to take to begin making a real profit

You have a story, a purpose and experience to share with the world, but you don't know how to get it out there
You have seen the lifestyle and financial freedom can bring and you're ready to make that your lifestyle as well
you desire to learn the ins-and-outs of growing your following and income on pinterest, tiktok, instagram and your blog
You are willing to put in the time and work, but you need someone to help you determine the best and most profitable places to focus your time and energy
You have already built a substantial following or email list, but you're ready to elevate your business to a 6-7 figure income

Lindsey, this content is so so so good! I feel so completely inspired!

As someone who has paid for, dare I say, thousands of dollars in courses from some of the top gurus in the game, this course has changed everything for me!

I’ve never felt so engaged or aligned!

I struggle deeply with follow through when it comes to business, mostly because I loose interest or focus so quickly. This course lays out such a practical roadmap that makes course creation feel completely attainable – even for someone like me – haha.

You have such a gift for teaching and have provided practical, actionable, no non-sense steps to execute ideas!

Without hesitation, I can genuinely say this course has been instrumental in changing my mindset and the trajectory of my own course creation!

Bravo to a job well done!

I want to see you experience the life change that has brought so much freedom to my life!

You can do this! Let’s get rid of the fear and impostor syndrome that have held you back for FAR too long.

By the end of this course, you will not only know ALL of the secrets to a successful social media plan to produce growth in your community + business, but you will have created your own course from start to finish! 

hello passive income!

Want more details on what we will be covering in The Ultimate Money Making Bundle??

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Course Creation Academy

every. single. secret. about what I did to create & launch a profitable and successful online course.

Social Media Academy

Lindsey Maestas Living Easy

nothing changes if nothing changes

There is nothing like this out there, friend. There's no gate-keeping here! I am your biggest cheerleader and so excited to help you, step-by-step, to reach your goals!

So How Much Does It Cost ?

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link and get started:

10 Full Curriculum Trainings on Social Media Marketing and Online Course Creation
 (value: $2,294)

Strategies for Going Viral & Business Promotion on TikTok, IG and Pinterest (value: $350)

A 50+ Page Action-Taking Workbook Created to Level Up Your Success Through Marketing and to Guide You in Writing, Creating & Launching Your Course (value $850)

My Top 20 Influencer Websites So You Can Begin Collaborating Right Away ($150)

Your Personal Guide to Passive Income Streams through Social Media (value $225)

Podcast Pitch Template to Get You In Front of Big Audiences Quickly (value $125)

10 Hype Marketing Strategies for a Successful, Profitable Launch ($215)

Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Plan + Custom Launch Strategy Roadmap (value: $275)

A Guide to Creating and Recording Your School for Greatest Success  (value $220)

Start adding up those numbers, y'all —
that's a total value of $4,704!

But don’t you worry! I’m not charging anything NEAR that for my Academy!

 I want this course to be something that is possible for everyone to be apart of! I want it to be available to anyone who desires something new, knowing that a return on investment IS accessible! 

No matter what season of life you’re in with your business, whether you’re a beginner with tons of dreams or an experienced entrepreneur: If you’re ready to serve your audience with valuable content while also increasing your profit margin, you’re in the right place.

Best price!

A One-Time Payment of $799

Best Value!

4 Payments of $207

So let me ask you. Are you ready to:

Work from wherever, whenever - including a hotel room on a luxurious vacation?
have More financial freedom so that you can spend more time with your people and enjoy the fun luxuries that life has to offer?
Teach about what you already know and love?
get in on the 6 & 7-figure salaries that are normal in this $100 billion industry?


The Online Course Creation Academy

Module One: Setting Yourself up for Success

Module Two: Picking the Perfect Course Topic and Finding *YOUR* People

Module Three: Building Your Online Course

Module Four: Building Your School

Module Five: It's Launch Time! How to Launch and Market a Successful Course

The Social Media Marketing Academy

Module One: Your Purpose, Your Niche and Creating Financial Freedom

Module Two: The Essentials of Content Creation & Brand Strategy

Module Three: Going Viral: Becoming an Instagram and TikTok Expert

Module Four: Passive Income Streams: How to Increase Your Profit on Social Media

Module Five: Pinterest: Pinning to Success

One-time payment:
launch prices last
for 2 weeks only!

Your Bonuses:

+ The “Finding Your Niche & Purpose” Worksheet

+ Guide to identify “Your Target Market

+ “Goal-Setting” Worksheet

+ “Naming Your Course” Worksheet

+ “Step-By-Step Email Marketing Plan” to provide value to your audience before pitching your course

+ “Your Marketing Plan Roadmap” so you know exactly what to do to have a successful launch

+ “Success Checklist” to give you 9 Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Take Action

+ Action steps to create a “Successful Marketing Funnel” for your course

+ 30-Days of Instagram Story Ideas to keep your audience connected & engaged

15 TikTok and IG Reel hook ideas that will give you BIG Views

+ A Time-Batching Worksheet To Help You Stop Procrastinating

+ 3 customizable Media Kit Templates (so that you can start pitching yourself to brands or clients right away!)

+ A 30-Day Productivity Calendar

+ A customizable Brand Board Template

+ Links for the software, hardware and resources that I use to run my business

+ The Top 20 Influencer Websites you need to apply with, so that you can begin collaborating right away!

+ My Top 15 Book Recommendations to help you do business well, live in grace and create proper boundaries around 
your work.

+ Lindsey’s list of 27 passive income streams that you can create from home with basic social media knowledge

One-time payment