The Sex & Intimacy Project

An online course created for couples to walk through together to re-ignite passion and intimacy within their marriage. Jesse and I will share our journey to better intimacy with you and teach you practical tips to implement daily because we’ve learned small things often to make the big things better!

What's included?

Each week includes a 20-30 minute video from Jesse and Lindsey, who teach healthy intimacy tools and share their own personal experiences and hurdles they’ve overcome.
A 15-Day Sex Commitment with Accountability Check-Ins from Jesse and Lindsey
Daily emails for 30 days that include actionable sex and intimacy challenges and encouragement to spice up your life
The Entire Sex & Intimacy Workbook: Check-Ins, Questionnaires and Action Steps to Create Oneness, Passion and Pleasure as a Couple
…because play and adventure shouldn’t ever be at the bottom of your to-do list

How Do You Know Your Marriage Needs This?

You feel disconnected from your spouse emotionally, spiritually, and physically
You can't remember the last time you and your spouse "played" with and enjoyed one another
You are worried the world's view of 'boring' marital intimacy has become your story
You feel like sex has become an obligation instead of something you look forward to
You need practical tips to implement so you can better communicate about intimacy with your spouse

Get our fool-proof roadmap for a
healthy, creative & EXCITING sex life.

Topics we will walk through together:
Week 1:

The Love Languages: A Sex Life Game-Changer
The 4 Types of Intimacy: A Fortress For Your Relationship
Our Ultimate Sex Challenge

Week 2:

A Good Sex Life Begins Outside of the Bedroom
Sharing Emotional Burdens and Responsibilities
Getting Vulnerable with Your Body and Thoughts
What Turns You On?

Week 3:

Praying Over Your Sex Life
How To Know If Something is ‘Okay’ to Try in the Bedroom
'Leveling Up' in Life as a Couple

Week 4:

How To Make Your Sex Life Something To Be Jealous Of: Feel-Good Foreplay
The Power of Oxytocin: The Best Times for Intimacy
Getting Naked and Playful

Bonus Video:

A Conversation: Healing from Sexual Experiences, Past Beliefs, Shame and Trauma

THIS all sounds amazing But why should I trust you?

I'm just an ordinary Jesus-loving girl who grew to love marriage and intimacy. 
But I love studying the art of marriage with a biblical perspective & I love leading women toward abundant, godly lives.

I'm the host of the top-ranking, faith-based podcast: The Living Easy Podcast where I focus on biblical relationships.
(Feel free to listen in to a few episodes to get to know my teaching style and my heart!)

I’m here because I'm passionate about having more than a mediocre marriage. God's word calls us to so much more than that.

The design of your body doesn’t make God feel embarrassed.

We were created and purposed for sexual pleasure.

Living out an exciting and passionate sex life is glorifying to Him, not shocking.

Just as we regularly pursue excellent communication or servitude with our spouses to honor God,
we should also pursue a holy and thriving sex life for the same purpose.

Worksheets Included:

The 5 Love Languages Chart
The Love Language Weekly Assessment for Couples
The Four Types of Intimacy: Couple Check-In
‘How Well Do I Know My Partner?’ Questionnaire
Our Best Small Intimacy Ideas: How to Strengthen Your Sex Life Outside of the Bedroom
The Playful Sex Checklist
Couples who play together, stay together !
You're not alone...
You can feel that sex and intimacy with your spouse is fun and exciting again..
...and we are going to give you the steps to get there!

Nobody walks down the aisle to say “I do” hoping for a mediocre, difficult marriage that ends in divorce.

Marriage isn’t 50/50.  It should always be 100/100. 

The truth is that LOVE isn’t enough to maintain a solid, thriving marriage. If you feel like you’re facing a disconnected season whether physically or emotionally, please know that it is completely and entirely normal to experience the peaks and valleys in a marriage.

But scripture says that a husband should love his wife as his own body and a wife should respect her husband. This is a sacrificial love exemplified by Jesus.

This is why marriage is a choice every single day.

You and your spouse can expect to walk away from the Sex & Intimacy Project with:

Tools to help you deepen your emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection with your spouse
Biblical wisdom on how to love your spouse well and keep God the center of your relationship
Practical ways to make your sex-life something to be jealous of
And confidence in your body, thoughts, and turn-ons with your spouse
The Sex and Intimacy Project is an online program completely unlike anything else out there.

…trust me, I’ve checked.


Being best friends with your husband and having those butterflies back again…

Enjoying sex and intimacy in ways you never thought you could before…

Feeling a deeper connection with your spouse on an emotional, spiritual, and sexual level…

Imagine believing & experiencing the truth that passionate and pleasurable sex is a gift from God.

biblical marriage

What’s My Investment Here?

How much are you sacrificing by not investing in your marriage?

How many days have you spent disappointed that you let your marriage become stagnant and less passionate?

How often do you wish you could feel content about the state of your sexual and intimate connection with your spouse?

How many times have you longed for your spouse to satisfy your needs in the way you desire?

How many times have you worried about the future of your marriage because you don’t enjoy one another like you used to?

I want you to know your journey isn't over. God created sex for pleasure, joy, and oneness. If you're ready to put in the work, you CAN build a healthy intimacy level and start experiencing fun, pleasurable, and passionate sex just as God designed.

The sex & intimacy project

The Sex & intimacy project and The Wife Project bundle