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The Social Media Marketing Academy​

LEARN HOW TO GROW YOUR brand and business, become an expert in profitable
online marketing AND live with
financial freedom.

Welcome, friends!

I am here to teach you ALL of my secrets about building an empire on social media!

So who am I?
I’m a very normal girl with big dreams – a mama of two – who just desperately wanted something for herself. What started as a really fun hobby blossomed quickly into a profitable career.

In the past 6 years, I have acquired:

Over 2 Million Podcast Downloads

28+ Million Re-Pins & Pinterest Views

295,000 Social Media Followers

Over 10 Million Blog Page Views

And created a multiple 6-figure business – using organic growth and authentic community building!

I started from ground zero with 200 followers…

and if I can do it, I PROMISE you can do it, too!

- Lindsey

Raise your hand if this sounds like you...

You love the idea of being a full-time content creator, but you need help with your niche and figuring out where to start.
You're interested in creating multiple streams of income, but you need help time-blocking and scheduling with social media.
You ARE ALREADY A STRONG creatOR, but you’re not seeing AS MUCH growth in your engagement or your following and feel ready to level up.
YOU WANT TO BETTER UNDERSTAND HOW BLOGGING, SEO AND PINTEREST CAN (easily) triple YOUR INCOME - or even where to start with all of it.
you're ready to build your email list and create long-form content that brings in income for years, rather than content that times out in 24 hours.


A go-at-your-own pace course that covers the most important things you need to know about successfully marketing your business or brand through social media.

We will cover:

How to Effectively Brand Your Business Influencer Marketing + Brand Collaborations

The Essentials of Instagram for Any Business Owner

My Most Profitable Passive Income Streams Why Every Business, Brand and Influencer Should Be Using Pinterest Right Now

How to Use SEO to Get Your Work in Front of Large Audiences

How to Go Viral with TikTok and IG Reels

Creating Long-Form Content That Points People Back to Your Product, Service or Paid Resources

Hashtag Use & Posting Times for Greatest Growth

Productivity Tips and Time-Blocking

and So. Much. More.

with *LIFETIME ACCESS* to help you become a profitable and confident creator!

Do you have a passion or business idea that you want to share with the world, but you need someone to guide you through the growth of it?

Here are a few things we will talk about:

How to become an expert at Tiktok and experience ultimate growth
The best Instagram posting strategies (reels, feed posts, stories, when and how to post)
How to use hashtags the right way
Why TikTok is the best platform for your business (and how to grow without dancing!)
The best passive income streams and what makes me the most money
How to make big money from Pinterest with a few clicks a week
Scheduling your work so that you don't spend all of your time on social media
5-figure and 6-figure jobs you can apply for right away
How to stop being paralyzed by fear and overcome impostor syndrome
How to begin building your email list and create real value for your clients
How you can make money on Instagram right away, even with a small following
How to maintain social media boundaries as you grow

and much, much more!

Here's what I have learned, friends:

*You* have to command and demand the time for your passions. It won't ever happen TO you if you don't make it happen for you.

Only YOU can take the step to create growth within your business.


+ The Social Media Academy Workbook: A 30+ page
action-taking workbook with strategies to help you to take steps forward immediately in your business for immediate growth which includes:

+ 15 TikTok and IG Reel hook ideas that will give you BIG Views

+ The “Finding Your Niche & Purpose” Worksheet

+ 30-Days of Instagram Story Ideas to keep your audience connected & engaged

+ A Time-Batching Worksheet To Help You Stop Procrastinating

+ 3 customizable Media Kit Templates (so that you can start pitching yourself to brands or clients right away!)

+ A 30-Day Productivity Calendar

+ A customizable Brand Board Template

+ Links for the software, hardware and resources that I use to run my business

+ The Top 20 Influencer Websites you need to apply with, so that you can begin collaborating right away!

+ My Top 15 Book Recommendations to help you do business well, live in grace and create proper boundaries around 
your work.

Let's Do This!

You will walk away from the Social Media Academy with:

Knowledge about the different streams of income you can tap into online with basic social media skills
A clear plan to move the needle in your business while effectively using Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest
Confidence in yourself and your abilities because you’ve been given the right strategies for sharing content
Tips for using hashtags the right way to increase your visibility
Tools for overcoming fear and imposter syndrome
A plan for batching your work so you don’t spend any more time online than you already are
A content creation guide so you never feel stuck with what to post
A roadmap to creating and growing an email list which is the bread and butter to YOUR community.

Do you want to learn how to share your passions while also bringing in HUGE income through online courses?

Check out my BUNDLE!

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Student Testimonials

josh and jaelyn harrell business coaching

On a New Level of Influence!

We have been wanting to get to a new level with our business and influence for a while. With Lindsey’s advice, we now have the puzzle pieces to put together a masterpiece. The tools we received from Lindsey have been easily actionable for our brand and business and have already created tremendous growth (especially through Reels!)

- Josh and Jaelyn Harrel

My Business is Already Growing!

I was given amazing tools for exactly what I needed to achieve. It has only been three days and I have already done SO much for my business! Conquering my goals is the best feeling in the world! Thank you Lindsey for being the coach I need!”

- Desiree Alvarado

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 1.18.55 PM
bethany adkins

A Wealth of Knowledge to Boost My Business and My Confidence

Lindsey is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to platform growth and creating a connection with your audience. Not only is she relatable, but she is so passionate about what she does. Her insight has helped me immensely!

- Bethany Adkins

Module One

Your Purpose, Your Niche and Creating Financial Freedom

Module TWO

The Essentials of Content Creation & Brand Strategy

Module three

Going Viral: Becoming an Instagram and TikTok Expert

Module FOUR

Passive Income Streams: How to Increase Your Profit on Social Media

Module Five

Pinterest: Pinning to Success

So How Much Does It Cost ?

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll simply open your membership link and get started:

My 5 Curriculum Trainings on Social Media Growth (value: $997)

Virality Strategies and Business Promotion on TikTok, IG and Pinterest (value: $350)

A 25+ Page Action-Taking Workbook with Customizable Kits (value $425)

My Top 20 Influencer Websites to Begin Collaborating Right Away ($150)

Your Personal Guide to Passive Income Streams through Social Media (value $225)

Start adding up those numbers, y'all —
that's a total value of $2,147!

But don’t you worry! I’m not charging anything NEAR that for my Academy!

I want this course to be something that is possible for everyone to be a part of!

I want it to be available to anyone who desires something new, knowing that a return on investment IS accessible!

No matter what season of life you’re in with your business, whether you’re a beginner with tons of dreams or an experienced entrepreneur: If you’re ready to serve your audience with valuable content while also increasing your profit margin, you’re in the right place.

Join Over One Thousand Other Entrepreneurs Who Have Signed Up For:

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4 Easy Payments of $107

I want nothing more than for YOU to succeed. 

I am known by my friends and family as their biggest cheerleader because I truly believe that there is SO much potential in all of us! 

have poured out all my secrets (there’s no gate-keeping here) and am sharing every single thing that has helped me get our family to a point of FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Now let’s get started!!