An online course created for women who desire to go 
from “roommates” to “soulmates”. 
Do you desire to be the wife God created you to be? 
Are you willing to do the hard, holy, heart- work & dig deep in order to fight for a happy, healthy marriage that honors God? If so, this course is for you.

Because Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes!

How Do You Know You Are the Ideal Woman for The Wife Project?

Do you desire to be a godly wife who serves your husband selflessly and honors God through her words and actions?
Do you no longer feel wanted? Do you feel lonely in your marriage? Are you struggling to communicate your wants & needs to your husband?
Are you a woman desiring to know Jesus deeper than ever before, to grow your trust in Him, to strengthen your prayer life, to trust Him in your sex life and to become more of a godly spouse every single day?
Are you thriving in your marriage while desiring to grow in your relationship with Jesus to become even more of a servant, lover, and friend?
Are you single, coming from a broken home with a broken view of marriage and desire to know what God says about it?
Are you recently engaged and desiring to prepare yourself in the best way for your future husband by setting your eyes on Jesus?​
You're not alone...
Your marriage can be happier, holier and more FUN...
...and I am going to share REAL hope with you!

I understand that marriage can be difficult.

Disconnected seasons are hard and defeating.

And giving up often feels like the best solution.

But I’m here to help you do the

hard & holy heart work!

Did you know that 41% OF FIRST MARRIAGES end in divorce? In 2020, the top-reported reasons for divorce were a lack of communication and inability to resolve conflict. Have you equipped yourself properly?
In a society that treats our marriages as disposable, we have to do the hard work & fight in faith to fulfill God's beautiful design of marriage. The easy way out is very rarely the best way out.
…you are called to be counter-cultural.

The Wife Project +

The sex & intimacy project Bundle


Marriage, as Paul wrote, carries its own demands, distractions and disappointments. 

Even within the Garden of Eden before the Fall, Adam did not complete Eve. 

She wanted more and needed more. But our husbands were never created to fulfill our every need.

Wives: Growth within our marriage can, 
and should, begin with  us
because of who Christ is within us. 

I will walk you through this transformation in 3 significant steps:
Identifying root issues through the lens of Gospel-Truth.

All 8 sessions are video teachings broken into smaller portions filled with a biblical foundation. I will be addressing the root issues of marital struggles by offering Gospel truth and Biblical wisdom that will lead you to living your life with your husband as soulmates, rather than sharing life as roommates.

Actionable Challenges and Questions

I provide you with practical, actionable "Marriage Challenges", Conversation Starters and Journal Questions to help you immediately begin working through the deep struggles of your marriage AND your faith-life.

Living out REAL life-change and relationship-growth

I continually encourage and challenge you to set your eyes on Jesus and to examine your own heart. I want to lead you toward becoming the wife that we find in Scripture - a woman with her heart and eyes set on the Kingdom, rather than on herself.

Nobody walks down the aisle to say “I do” hoping for a mediocre, difficult marriage that ends in divorce.

God calls us to do ALL things with excellence, which means that we
should give 100% of ourselves to everything that He has given us. Marriage isn’t 50/50.  It should always be 100/100. 

When you do the hard work of examining your own heart and becoming more like Jesus in every area of life, that flows deeply and widely into your relationship with your husband.

You become the wife God has called you to be.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

Would you wait until your entire house had burnt down before seeking help?

It's more likely that as soon as you saw the spark of that first flame, you would do everything you could to fight the damage, to fix it, to learn from it & to seek help.
It should be the same for your marriage.

Divorce statistics don't lie. Why wait until your marriage has burned to the ground before praying, 
asking for accountability, working through your heart issues and fighting hard for a relationship 
with a stronger foundation?

It's time to make a change.

Anyone Can Do It & It Will Help YOU,
No Matter What Season Of Life You Are In!

Married for 50+ years
Single Girl
Frustrated wife
Happy wife
Recently engaged
New mom
Betrayed wife
Lonely wife
Wife Married to An Unbeliever
YOU are the ideal girl for The Wife Project!

“THIS all sounds amazing, 
But why should I trust you?”

I'm just an ordinary Jesus-loving girl. 
But I love studying the art of marriage with a biblical perspective & I love leading women toward abundant, godly lives.

I'm the host of the top-ranking, faith-based podcast: The Living Easy Podcast where I focus on biblical relationships.
(Feel free to listen in to a few episodes to get to know my teaching style and my heart!)

I’m here because our society views marriage as disposable. But God's word calls us to so much more than that.

A successful marriage starts with the choice to love one another in the 
moments when you don’t actually ‘like’ each other. 

It’s Kingdom-minded work.

Ladies, listen. I’ve been married for 10 years (together for 13). I absolutely understand that marriage can be difficult. 

We have faced plenty of our own struggles with distrust, parenting disagreements, intimacy issues, pornography addiction + more. But it doesn’t have to end there. 

My faith and marriage have grown tremendously through digging into Scripture, speaking with marriage counselors, living in close community, deep & honest communication and praying continually. And I mean it when I say this:. I truly love my marriage more than ever before.

I have such a strong passion to help you experience the joy of becoming the refined Bride who loves Jesus with everything that she has. 


"I am currently a single girl and The Wife Project has already really challenged me to think more about who I am and how I can be working on myself for my future spouse. I think a lot of times we're taught to pray for our future spouse and what they look like/behave like, but we very rarely talk about how WE need to be so firm in our faith and our behavior that we can attract the right person. I'm stoked about how this is going to impact wives, their husbands, single girls and the Kingdom."
Olivia S.


My women's study and I recently started The Wife Project as a group and we LOVE it.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort you have put into this project. We had couples married for 1 year up to 23 years and we all walked away convicted and ready to figure out our little foxes.  

Sheri H.
Women's Bible Study Leader
I just finished the first session out of the eight and I have tears pouring down my cheeks. I have so much work to do and so much humbling that is needed in my heart and marriage. This course is so well written. There's no condemnation, no guilt. It's supportive, encouraging and convicting and the practical steps are so helpful for me. It takes a strong, tethered-to-God woman to remind women that it's not only about what their husband is doing; change can start with us. I truly love your heart and this project so much!!! Thank you!
Nicole T.
6 of my friends and I decided to complete The Wife Project course together and all of us took so much away from it. The homework made it real and engaged my husband and I in really talking - something we had not done in years. We had lost ourselves in our marriage as kids, lack of sleep, changes such as aging (I know that sounds silly, but its a thing) - all of it was just growing us apart. Now we talk about things like, “We need a side-by-side date” which is something we never even thought about before. We do the questions monthly and it works.. it really works. Thank you and may you continue blessing many marriages.
Claudia R.

Marriage problems are not really marriage problems. 
They are heart problems. 
And they are God problems.

Whether you have been dating for 5 weeks or married for 50 years, this
online course will dig into the depths of your heart to challenge what you believe about marriage and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

I have received thousands of emails from women who are struggling within their marriages. They want to know their next step. They want to understand God’s calling for them as the wife who was given to their husband.

I am here to pour out the wisdom that has grown my marriage into a healthy, sustainable, joyful relationship.

What’s Included?

Scripture-packed video lessons
The Full "Wife Project Journal"
Implementable Marriage Challenges To Help You Take Action Instantly
Conversation Starters and Communication Tips to help navigate conflict
Heart-to-Heart Encouragement from a girl who has "been there".
Lifetime Access
Ability to go at your own pace
Revisit the course again and again as needed over the different 
seasons of your marriage.

You will walk away from The Wife Project with…

Renewed hope for your marriage
Biblical wisdom in how to best love and serve your spouse as God calls you to
Tools to help you process & navigate conflict and the hard places of your own heart
Above all else, a deepened relationship with Jesus and a clearer vision on how to cultivate your marriage for His glory!
The Wife Project is an online program completely unlike anything else out there.

…trust me, I’ve checked.

"Constant miscommunication and trying to fix each other has left us both exhausted and ready to give up. I had been praying for a reason to keep fighting for us and to keep working at this. We’ve tried Bible studies, counseling, date nights, etc and nothing seemed to work. BUT The Wife Project changed that. It showed me God's vision for our marriage. I realized that I need to stop trying to get my husband to fill a role he was never created to fill. I began to understand my role in all of this. I also learned that I can work on the things that I can control (my attitude, my heart, my intentions) and that has a huge impact on his responses towards me. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to save my marriage. I truly believe you are a gift from God to family."


Being best friends with your husband and having those butterflies back again…

Enjoying sex and intimacy in ways you never thought you could before…

Having the ability to fight fair and communicate effectively during conflict…

Being free of resentment and unforgiveness…

Being a wife that is not a thorn in her husband’s side, but a crown upon his head…

Imagine believing & experiencing the truth that marriage is a gift from God to be embraced, not a burden to endure!

biblical marriage

What do you have to lose by not clicking that sign-up button?

Progress. Nothing changes if nothing changes, girl. You will remain stuck in the same patterns and heart-issues that you have been living in.
Time. You will likely continue wasting precious time and energy suffering through or enduring your marriage, rather than enjoying it.
Resources. You will forfeit the teaching and application of Biblical, Gospel- centered truth to strengthen your marriage and set your eyes on Jesus.
Peace. You will continue to feel bogged down by stress, trials, anxiety, what-if's, lack of communication, lack of sexual intimacy & more - which will keep you stuck in a mediocre marriage rather than a thriving one.

What do you have to gain by clicking that sign-up button?

Progress. You will FINALLY begin taking important steps in growing your relationship with Jesus and establishing healthier dynamics in your marriage.
Time. You’ll stop wasting time trudging through your marriage, and will allow God to prune you & make you into the wife He created you to be.
Holiness & Wisdom. You will be equipped with Biblical wisdom and Gospel-truth to propel you forward in your pursuit of a God-honoring, Kingdom-minded marriage.
Peace. Your relationship with Jesus will be strengthened, which will help remove the anxiety that you have about your marriage and lend to a healthier, more fruitful relationship.
Love. You will dispel the lie that marriage is disposable and that love has to fizzle out after life + children. God calls you to a deep, intimate love that comes only from a real relationship with Him.
Legacy. Your marriage will be a shining example to your children and those around you and your faithfulness will glorify God!

Let's Get it Girl!

This is Your Time.

Because there will never be a perfect moment.  

Don't wait for your house to burn down before you
learn how to start putting out those flames. 
Prevention is key.

The time to start is now.

In Christ, you are a new creation. You don’t have to stay ‘stuck’. You don’t have to be roommates instead of soulmates. In your weakness, God is strong, but we have to seek Him with everything we have.

 Let’s commit together to becoming the wives God has called us to be.

I’m ready to help you get on the right path, so let’s do this!

What’s My Investment Here?

How much are you sacrificing by not investing in your marriage?

How many days have you spent exhausted because of ineffective communication with your spouse?

How often do you wish you could live in freedom from resentment, selfishness, bitterness, and hardness of heart?

How many times have you longed for a deeper relationship with Jesus, so you can walk in more peace and joy?

How many times have your children witnessed your yelling, anger, lack of forgiveness and lack of love? 

God is more concerned with your holiness than with your happiness. But joy often comes from obedience to Jesus.

Friends: I truly believe that investing in The Wife Project will allow you to live an abundant, Christ-exalting life.

In The Wife Project, you’ll get:

Scripture-packed video lessons
The Wife Project Journal with practical challenges & questions
Memorization verses & printable notecards
Communication tips & skills to help navigate conflict
Heart-to-heart conversations from a girl who has "been there".
Lifetime Access
Ability to go at your own pace

A single action-step taken from this course could change your entire life.

Bonus #1:



Receive love, help and encouragement from others who have gone through the group!

Bonus #2:


group rates for churches, bible studies & friend groups

Accountability is key, isn't it? It's also a huge part of the Christian life! I want to help you succeed in pursuing that Christ-centered joy with your husband by allowing you to split the cost with the people in your life. We do things well when we do them together!

What makes what I teach so different 
and effective?

There are plenty of other resources and voices helping to navigate through marriage – and I am so happy about that!

But, in my life and marriage, I have learned this:

“Happier is the wife who learns to hold on to Jesus tighter than she holds on to her husband.”

All of my content stems from this truth.

Ladies, if we desire to have healthy marriages, it truly begins with us. While our husbands are sinners and can absolutely be difficult, so are we.

The Wife Project is a resource to help you examine your own heart, dig deeper into the heart of Jesus Christ and His calling for your life, and to live as a counter-cultural wife in a ‘just-give-up’ kind of world.

It’s deep and holy heart work, and it’s worth it.

I truly believe that if you follow and implement my guidance in this course, your life and marriage WILL change. That’s a big statement I can confidently stand behind.

Now let’s make this happen!

One-time payment
only $197!

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