On today’s episode, I am sharing my own story about how postpartum anxiety turned into over 7 years of deep, intense. anxiety.

I attempted to pray it away, worship it away, talk it away and read it away, but it clung to me and my life. It impacted my marriage and my motherhood greatly and I desperately needed to figure out how to navigate it.

In this conversation, I will walk you through Philippians 4 and five things that we can do as Christians to fight through, reject and rebuke anxiety in our lives. We will discuss resolving controversy and pursuing peace, rejoicing loudly and how being reasonable and understanding can increase our peace.

I also share my own personal opinion on taking medication for mental health. As believers, we are called to pursue peace in the thick of our circumstances, but sometimes we simply feel like we’re suffocating. Is it okay to rely upon medication to help?

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