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After having our second baby, my husband and I have been talking a lot about about the danger of ‘pouring from an empty cup.’ This essentially means that you’re running yourself ragged with the attempt to live life without ever replenishing your own heart, mind or soul.

Rest and self care are absolutely crucial in our society which promotes and encourages a perpetual go, go, go lifestyle.

As a wife and momma of two boys with a relatively demanding ministry/business, it isn’t easy for me to find a lot of space in my schedule. I decided to challenge myself to follow through with one self-care item each day for a total of fifteen days in hopes that it will create a habit. It will also help to have a go-to list for self-care on days when I feel exhausted or defeated.


I know that some days it just isn’t possible to find the time – and that’s completely okay. But I think it’s important to be intentional about trying to find that time whenever we can.

With that said – I hope you guys will join me in this challenge and take time to refresh and “fill your cup” in the next 15 days!

I would be super grateful to see how it’s going for you, so please take photos of your journey and tag me on Instagram (@sparrowsandlily) with the hashtag #15dayjoychallenge so that I can share it with my followers!

Get Refreshed: A 15-Day Challenge

Day 1: Spend time with a good friend, be vulnerable and listen.

Time spent with a genuine friend who is willing to pour into you – and willing to be poured into – is one of the most refreshing experiences that we can have. On this day, do something together that you enjoy but don’t forget to talk about real life while encouraging and pointing one another to Hope and Truth.

Day 2: Read a new book (or an old favorite!)

Day 3: Declutter your home and donate items to a charity

I recently went through our closets, all of my drawers, the kids’ toys and our kitchen cabinets and got rid of anything that I hadn’t worn or used in the past 8-12 months. It felt wonderful to have the opportunity to donate those items to people who needed them more than I do. Also, knowing that I only own clothes and items that I actually use is very liberating and refreshing.

Day 4: Watch your all-time favorite movie and eat your favorite snack

Day 5: Write down your top 10 favorite life memories

I love having something on hand to make me laugh or smile on a difficult day. Writing down some of the best memories of your life gives you the opportunity to create a tangible reminder of the joys and blessings in your life.

Day 6: Create a regular skin care routine

This may seem silly, but it really is true that when we take the time to care for our physical self (more than just taking a quick shower), it makes us feel better overall.

After having Saxon, my skin broke out and was incredibly dull (I feel like I’ve always had dull skin, but now it’s even worse!) I wanted to go and get a chemical peel but I definitely don’t have time for that right now! I had been using face masks periodically as well as moisturizing every once in a while – but that was pretty much it for my routine. So when I was encouraged to purchase Aveeno’s Positively Radiant products from RiteAid, I forced myself to be consistent and use them daily to see what happened.

I have honestly really loved how the Aveeno products make my skin feel! The Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub gives me a ‘glow’ that (let’s be honest) doesn’t come naturally for me. I have a bad habit of extracting impurities far too often, but the scrub removes those which helps to protect my skin. I am a facial fanatic – who isn’t?! – and the 60 Second In-Shower Facial has helped to clear up and even out my skin. It makes me feel like I’m treating myself and doing more than simply taking care of my skin. They’re both super quick and easy and smell amazing which is a huge plus!

I’m thankful to have found these products and, after posting about them on social media, I found that a ton of my friends and followers love them just as much! I’ve found that skincare routine really does make a difference, especially as I get older and I’m thankful to have found a product that works.

To learn more about the brand, click here!

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Day 7: Fast from all social media for 24 hours (or longer!)

Day 8: Ask someone for help in an area of life where you feel overwhelmed

There are so many times in our lives where we put off important tasks that need to be accomplished because we are either intimidated, dreading it or just don’t have the time. Think about a problem or task that has been weighing on your shoulders for some time.

Call a friend, family member or professional and simply ask for help! You might be surprised at how willing and happy people are to help you if they have the ability or time to do so.

Day 9: Wake up to watch the sun rise, cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy a hot cup of coffee

Day 10: Use journal prompts to journal your thoughts and feelings

Sometimes we get writer’s block when it comes to writing about ourselves – not often, but it happens ;). I love this list of journaling prompts and this one which offer specific ideas that will help stir up some ideas for your journaling and help you with some self-reflection. For example: “The thing I’m most afraid to tell people is…” and “Three ways I want God to transform me are…”

Day 11: Pray diligently for people you love 

Day 12: Spend time alone and allow yourself to get bored

This one is so challenging for most people – including myself. It is nearly impossible for us to be bored now with iPhones attached to our hands and no-commercial television ready at our every command. We don’t allow ourselves to just sit.

On this day, I encourage you to put aside everything that distracts you (and keep it far out of reach!) and give yourself an hour to just sit and think about nothing and everything all at once.

Day 13: Serve someone you love (or someone you’ve never met!)


Day 14: Find a fun DIY project on Pinterest and complete it

Most of us are professionals at pinning hundreds of pins and never actually doing anything with them. On this day, find a DIY pin that you really love – whether it be home decor inspiration, organization tips, a science experiment for your kids, etc – and make it happen!

Day 15: Make a list of people who inspire you and write them a note or letter telling them how important they are to you and why. 

Sweet friends, in order to give our best to others, we have to ‘fill up our own cups.’ I pray that this 15-Day Challenge is a reminder to you to slow down and see the beauty of life, to be present with God and to cherish the people around us more than ever before. 

With Grace,



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Let’s Be Friends!
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