Marriage in the thick of Coronavirus hasn’t been easy. And there are both disconnected and connected seasons in marriage. The closeness of relationships fluctuate – and that’s entirely normal – but what matters most is how you respond to each season. 

On this episode, my husband, Jesse Maestas, and I openly and candidly discuss the struggles we have in our own relationship and the feeling of disconnect that we are currently facing. We talk about what helps us to feel more connected to one another when life is pulling us in opposite directions.

We share the questions that we ask one another to help better understand and communicate. We talk about the importance of apologizing and repentance in relationships and how to argue or disagree in a healthy way. 

Jesse discusses the importance of pursuing your wife, date nights and why we (as wives) must realize that men cannot read our minds. 

It is important that we continue to build a biblical marriage with trust, respect and understanding – and we hope that our honest conversations encourage you to fight for the same.