Are you really, truly living out your faith? On today’s episode, I (Lindsey Maestas) talk about the characteristics that are tightly woven into the heart of a Jesus-following Christian and what it really means to live out a faithful, biblical life.

Each portion of this episode is packed with scripture; I dig in to one of my favorite chapters of the Bible: Romans 12. I also discusses Peter’s relationship with Jesus and how their interactions together can impact the way that we live out our faith and see our God.

I discuss what modesty in scripture actually refers to (hint: the focus actually isn’t on how you dress) and why it applies to both men and women. And you can’t forget the common struggles of comparison, sex, intimacy and marriage, having a lowly and humble spirit and so much more. 

Do you have tasteful judgment? Do you use discretion? Do you live a virtuous life? Do you truly, truly know Jesus? Let’s talk about it.

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