Gift guides are one of my favorite things to create! I love trying new products and also love for girls, women and mamas to feel loved and seen, and sometimes a sweet and thoughtful gift can do that for us!

I wanted to share a list of products that I personally love, a few things that I’m asking for for Christmas and also items that my friends and family can’t live without. 

A Gift Guide for The Woman Who Doesn’t Need Anything:
Gift Ideas For Yourself and for Your Friends

1. The House of Noa: Restful Standing Mat

We purchased this mat for behind our sink and Jesse immediately said, “Can we just get this and put it as a rug for every room in our house?” The best way to describe it is super *cushy* and comfortable. It feels incredible to stand on and they have enough designs that will fit with any home decor style. We purchased the 20″x72″ and it was perfect for our space, though now I would probably go back and purchase the 30″ x 72″ because it’s soooo good. It also wipes completely clean, no matter what spills on top of it. I love, love, love it. 

2. Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven

Because it’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever cook in and you really just can’t ever have enough of these. I know the price tag is hefty, but it’s one of those staple items in your home that can last a lifetime. You can use it for soups, pastas, chicken dinners, breads and desserts. It’s also extremely easy to clean! 

3. ALT Crystal No. 23 Perfume 

This perfume has over 3,000 5-star reviews and went TikTok viral for a reason. It’s inspired by the $325-$625 Baccarat Rouge perfume and smells almost identical – a sweet perfume with notes of amber, floral and wood. On my skin, it has a strong slightly-vanilla scent and I receive SO many compliments whenever I wear it. 

4. Stanley Thermos Adventure Quencher

I don’t have one of these just yet, but one of my best friends, Shayna, uses hers almost every day and it’s on my Christmas list for this year! I am a lemon-water addict and it has to be ice cold or I won’t drink it (ridiculous, I know); thermoses like this help me to get in a gallon or so of water per day to keep me energized and hydrated.

5. Steve Madden Women’s Starling Sneaker

They’re just so cute! I am into platform sneakers right now. Love the black ones, too!

6. LilySilk Real Mulberry Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside

Silk pillowcases absorb less of the moisture and dirt in your skin and are a gentler option for people with acne or sensitive skin. It is also said to be much more gentle on your hair as you sleep – preventing split ends.

The only thing that drives me crazy about silk is that it can slip off the bed, which is why I love this option! The LilySilk pillowcase has cotton on the bottom, so that it’s cozy for your hands and also remains on the bed. 

7. Williams Sonoma Butter Knife (trust me!) 

If you are a breakfast carb-lover like me, this knife makes it easy to spread your butter without getting globs that you can’t break up. A simple yet effective tool to make chaotic mornings just a little bit more enjoyable. 🙂 


8. Kitsch Satin Sleep Eye Mask

These are the types of things that most of us don’t ever buy for ourselves, so they are a perfect gift idea for the woman who doesn’t know what she wants! 

9. Ice Mold & Wine Bottle Chiller

This is such a great gift idea for the hostess friend in your life, or yourself, of course! Simply throw in some flowers or fruit into this ice mold and it will create an elegant centerpiece for your brunches or dinners. I saw this on social media (surprise, surprise!) and I don’t have one yet, but it’s at the top of my Christmas list for this year! 

10. Temperature-Controlled Ember Mug

Never microwave your coffee again! 

This mug is pretty much magical and keeps your coffee hot by allowing you to set the exact drinking temperature that you want it to remain at for up to 1.5 hours! It has automatic wake up and sleep modes and is compatible with your smart phone and smart watch.  

11. Monogrammed Whiskey Glasses and Decanter

This is a great gift for the Whiskey drinker in your life! The decanter and glasses are monogrammed with their initials and are very high quality. This is more of a husband gift idea in case you haven’t figured out what to get him yet. 😉

12. Sarah Lou Co. Faux Fur Throw

Sarah Lou Co. is my only go-to for blankets. I am forever-obsessed with her chunky knit blankets and have given so many of them out as gifts, but I can’t resist a super cozy and soft blanket like her fur throws!

I love this honey color, but they also come in gray and green. I am all about supporting small businesses and have been lucky to get to know her; she is the real deal! I also loveeee the design of her Everyday Blanket so I am throwing this one in there, too!  

13. Nightstand Dock Organizer or this one 

14. Pottery Barn Faux Fur Slippers

I purchased these for my sisters-in-law a few years ago and they still wear them all the time! These slippers are super cozy and a pretty, classic design. 

15. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know how impactful this book has been on my life. I’m currently re-reading it for the *third* time because it is so powerful and impactful. The book helps us to understand the way that Jesus lived. His life wasn’t rushed, was full of compassion and He always made time for people. It is an easy read but one that is packed with convicting, beautiful concepts and ideas. It has truly changed the way that I live. 

16. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Oh, this book. You don’t have to take my word for it – there are over 78,000 five-star reviews and was Wall Street Journal’s best book of the year. This book will make you feel every emotion and is so beautifully well-written. It feels impossible to give just one answer when people ask me what my favorite fiction book is, but this one is always at the very top of my list. The Nightingale is a look back at WWII (which is personally my favorite historical time period to read about) and is set in France.  

17. More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell 

This is a book I talk about all.the.time and it’s because it was the book that Jesus used to change my life forever! It is written by an atheist-turned-Christian and has so much factual and insightful information that will challenge your thinking and draw you nearer to the God of the universe.

I read this book on the way to my senior trip with my mom, just out of high school, and it was the first book that made me really begin to consider that Jesus could be who He said He was. Jesse and I read it often just to solidify what we know and believe and to be able to truly know the history of Jesus’ life. It is a great resource for evangelism and apologetics! It is also a wonderful gift idea. We recently purchased the 30-pack to give out to friends who are new believers or seeking a deeper understanding of Jesus!

18. Lululemon 28″ Align Leggings

I honestly never thought I would give in to the Lululemon trend because I always bought super cheap leggings on Amazon and was fine with them. But Jesse bought me a pair for my 30th birthday and they are life-changing!If you haven’t tried these leggings yet, I encourage you to go and try some on.

They keep everything tight and snug while simultaneously making it feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. They are super lightweight, cozy and sooo comfortable to work out in! I’m asking for another pair this Christmas. I gifted some to my mom and sister, too, and they love them! 

19. Z Supply Bra and Pants Lounge Set

When I tell you that this could possibly be the *MOST COMFORTABLE* brand of loungewear in the world, I mean it. It is insanely soft and lightweight and just one of those fabrics you want to rub your entire body across every day – so why not wear it as often as possible? I found these originally in a boutique in Nashville and searched their website for alll the goodies.  

20. Laser Hair Removal from any acclaimed laser specialist

I had my first appointment for laser hair removal on Nov. 29th and I COULD NOT be more excited! I don’t have a link for this, of course, 😉 but this is all that I really wanted for Christmas this year. 

21. My Skincare Routine:

Micellar Cleansing Water (Most makeup remover wipes have harsh chemicals. I use this with a cotton round and it works like a dream.) 

Dermalogica Facewash

Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Morning: Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid,
Evening: Retinol Serum after taking off makeup and washing your face.

Retinol helps to decrease the appearance of brown spots and fine lines and exfoliates at a cellular level which helps to brighten dull skin.  Vitamin C Serum protects the skin from sunburn, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dryness, and an uneven skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid is an essential component because of its ability to promote collagen. Collagen firms the skin while hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the collagen. **Always apply HA to damp skin because it activates the HA and won’t dry out your skin further.**

Retinol Cream I personally alternate between retinol serum and retinol cream because I have dry skin. The serum is meant to be lighter and less pore-congesting, but I have personally never struggled with breakouts after using the cream. It’s user preference, though! **Be sure to use your sunscreen every single day because Retinol makes your skin more sensitive**

Under-Eye Repair Cream: For anyone who says you don’t need this, I encourage you to put the eye cream on one hand for only one hand (or a wrinkly part of your body) for a month and look at the difference between your hands at the end of the 30 days! 

Korean Face Moisturizer: This moisturizer includes snail serum so it’s a little bit slimy, but I’m the biggest fan ever of Korean skincare. This specific cream is so incredibly moisturizing and never leaves my skin wanting. 

SPF 55 Sunscreen: The crux of it all! You might as well throw away all of your skincare if you aren’t putting on your sunscreen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and reapplying half way through the day! I also apply to my hands and I do all of this even if I’m staying inside for the day. 

Look at this semi-truck driver and how the sun damaged the side of his face which was nearest to the window.  SUNSCREEN, PEOPLE! 🙂 I’ll get off my soapbox now – haha. 

22. Faux Leather Legging Pants – If you’ve seen some of my reels or TikTok’s, you’ve likely seen these pants on and they are SO cute and comfortable. I have received a ton of compliments on them and they’re so affordable! They dress up any outfit and look great with sneakers or heels. 

23. Fitted Puffer Jacket with Removable Hood

24. White Nespresso Machine

25. Emile Henry Pizza Stone 

I’m a big fan of Family Friday’s and, while it’s convenient to order pizza and we do it often, I prefer to let the boys get their hands dirty and make their own pizza while Jesse and I make our own! We follow that up with a game of Mario Kart, board games or a family movie. My pizza stone is cracked and old so I am asking for another one this Christmas. 

I hope this helps you to think of something for yourself or for your friends! Please know that some of these links may be affiliate links, which means that I will make a small commission off of your purchase using these links. It is no additional cost to you, but helps to support my family! 

Thank you so much for all of your love and Happy Holidays to you!

with grace,