Today’s episode of the Real Conversations with Real Friends is with my sweet, joyful friend Emily. Emily is my fun friend! She is someone I call any time I need help lightening up or when I just want to laugh! But she is also one who isn’t afraid to share very honest Truth with me in love and call things as she sees them – which I respect and appreciate. 

On today’s conversation, Emily shares her story about becoming pregnant as a Christian college girl at age 19 and what life looked like through her perspective as she and I walked through that season together. We talk about my bad driving skills ;), external versus internal sin, legalism vs. compassion, different seasons with friendship, the differences that we have had as individuals, feeling invisible and what we think about turning our backs on people we don’t agree with. 

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Lindsey Maestas is the host of The Living Easy Podcast and discusses faith, truth and relationships while never shying away from the hard and uncomfortable topics.

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