When my husband, Jesse, and I first put in our wood floors, we expected a little bit of dust here and there. We knew we would be cleaning the floors more often than we did when we had carpet. But goodness, we were in for a surprise! One toddler, one dog, multiple guests and a shedding rug later, we are now either sweeping at least four times a day or walking around with socks on at all times. Discovering the bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner by bObsweep is the best thing that has ever happened to our wood floors!

Although sweeping and mopping aren’t difficult jobs, it can be very inconvenient for us and it also steals time away from more important things. The more we swept, the more Jesse and I began talking about the possibility of purchasing a robotic vacuum. We used to house sit for my aunt and she always had hers running to make the floors look spotless. However, we shut down the idea pretty quickly when we learned that some of them were nearly $900.

But…then came the bObi! We discovered bObsweep through a friend and saw that the reviews were great (and the price was even better.) We knew that it would be the perfect fit for our home!

bObiPet by bObsweep Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I first pulled the bObi Pet out of the box. It offers an incredibly sleek and modern style and looked much more expensive than I expected. We purchased the Silver and it fits right in with our chic & modern style home. Bob came with a variety of extras, including a matching color coordinated charging station, a built in battery (with a two year warranty!), an awesome remote control (which I use often), brushes, cleansing cloths as well as additional attachments and filters. It is perfect for dog hair and random messes around the house!

Also included in the kit is the new bObi blOck, which is a plastic box that uses light beams to create invisible barriers. If the robot comes close to the prohibited area, the wall sensors detect the light and the device moves away. This has been especially helpful for us in our kitchen, in which we have a rug with tassels that Bob can easily get tangled in.

I also think it’s hilarious and amazing that Bob has the ability to take himself back to his charging station, which bObsweep calls, “JUICE”, whenever he realizes he needs it. The “WAFFLE” setting helps Bob to concentrate on small spill areas by traveling in a grid pattern – sometimes I turn on this setting when my son is attempting to eat his crumbly crackers. 😉

Overall, the technology and style on this vacuum are both very impressive. We have had our bObiPet for a month now and are incredibly grateful for all of the help that he has offered to our (slightly obsessive) cleaning habits. You won’t regret making this hands-free vacuum cleaner a part of your family – just press “GO!” and watch him do his magic. Click HERE to check bObi out for yourself!

bObiPet by bObsweep Review

**Full Disclosure: I received the bObiPet from bObsweep for review purposes, and all opinions are 100% honest and my own.**

bObsweep Product Description:

You might never notice this robotic vacuum cleaner scooping up crumbs in your kitchen as you enjoy your morning toast. What separates bObi Pet from the rest of her peers is a unique design that condenses powerful technology into a slim, quiet profile. Back-to-back brushes and over 80 obstacles sensors are packed underneath a touchscreen surface coated in bObsweeps satiny TouchMe texture. Simply tap on GO! to have bObi start cleaning your floors, and use bObi blOck to keep her from entering a restricted area.

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • Illuminated touchscreen buttons: GO!, JUICE, and WAFFLE
  • Silicone touch sensors allow bumper-less detection and navigation
  • Compact design easily slides under beds and furniture
  • Quiet cleaning at less than 65 decibels
  • Washable dustbin can be rinsed out or submerged underwater
  • Back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes double the sweeping power
  • TurboLift vacuum suctions pet hair and dust bunnies
  • Mini-mop shines floors and wipes way paw prints
  • bObsweep’s signature TouchMe texture gives a smooth, silky sensation
  • bObi blOck lets you create a digital boundary to section off part of a room
  • Set a custom cleaning schedule with bObi’s easy-to-use remote
  • JUICE: Automatically plugs into charging station when battery dips below 15%
  • WAFFLE: Concentrates on small spill areas by traveling in a grid pattern