My son, Sutton, is about to turn 18 months old. He is beginning to show some interest in using his little toilet to go potty. Yay! But at this point, diapers are definitely still a thing (and probably will be for a while.) Purchasing diapers has definitely been one of the most costly parts of being a parent thus far. I currently have a lot of amazing women in my life who are preparing for babies, so I thought I would offer a few tips that have helped me!

I often get asked: What is the easiest (and quickest) way that you can save the most money on diapers?

How many diapers huggies save money on diapers

1. Buy in Bulk

When I think bulk, I immediately think of Sam’s Club! We love buying our toilet paper, laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers and wipes from Sam’s. This helps us to ensure that we’re not going to the store too often. It also helps us to remain consistent in budgeting.

This month, I was so excited to see that Sam’s is currently offering a two month’s supply of Huggies® Little MoversGuys, TWO MONTHS worth! And the price is amazing!

Not only will you save time traveling to and from the store with this purchase (giving you more time with your family), you will also save money! When we realized that this deal would only be available for a limited time, we visited our nearest Sam’s Club and grabbed ourselves a box.

Save money on diapers huggies little movers

Stocking Up

Yes, this is definitely a massive box; it includes 312 Size 4 diapers! But keep in mind that your savings will be even bigger! And if your little one is anything like mine, they’ll stay in a size 4 for the longest amount of time and go through at least 8-10 diapers per day.

Not only can you save a ton of money by buying in bulk, Sam’s Club also provides free shipping on most baby items as well as a club pick-up. You can learn about all of the amazing perks of being a member here – and don’t forget how fun it is to try all of the in-store samples. 😉

Save money on diapers huggies little movers

Another question that I’m often asked is approximately how many diapers I used at each age for my son. The below guide is an estimate, of course, as you will find out what works best for you and your baby! However, feel free to use these numbers as a guideline for how many of each you may want to prepare for. 

2. Know the average number of diapers you’ll need per size:

If I’m honest, looking at those numbers makes me feel a little bit overwhelmed. That’s a lot of diapers!
The good news, however, is that you can begin saving money today by stockpiling!

3. Hoard coupons!

I’m definitely not a fan of hoarding most things – but coupons are the exception! Save your own, search online and ask friends and family members to save them for you. You will save large amounts of money with only a few coupons per month.

Check out the limited time 2 Month’s Supply box of Huggies® today with a $6 Instant Savings Coupon!


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