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*This post is sponsored by Alive Vitamins but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mornings haven’t ever been easy for me. I am a night owl through and through. Waking up to a hectic schedule was really challenging for me after having kids and I realized that I had to choose between chaos or peace in the mornings. Naturally, I choose peace but it takes intentionality and planning!

In the past few months, we have really started to get the hang of our morning routine. I don’t currently have kids in school, but we do have a lot of morning obligations (play dates, swim lessons, bible study, etc.) that we have to be out of the house pretty early for.

In hopes of helping your morning go just a little bit more smoothly, I’m sharing our morning routine for you!

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1. Wake up before your little ones

This is huge and so necessary. It is much more for the state of your heart and mind than for theirs, but your mood will automatically pour over to your children when they wake up in the morning.

Set your alarm, even if it’s only fifteen minutes early, and give yourself a chance to do something that you love -every single day.

Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee, reading the Word or going for a run, you will be thankful that you gave yourself that time to wind down before the chaos and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

2. Prepare everything the night before

I learned this one the hard way (as I do everything in motherhood – haha!) I used to wake up later than I should have and rushed into the morning. I simultaneously tried to pack the diaper bag, make lunches, get the kids dressed, get myself dressed, keep them from fighting, keep Saxon from eating Milo’s dog food – all at the same time.

I slowly transitioned to doing everything in the evening, even when I was exhausted and it was the last thing that I wanted to do! It has made my mornings SO much more peaceful for my family.

I prepare lunches the evening before. This sometimes means I have to cook something if we don’t have leftovers so I give myself plenty of time to do that. I pack the diaper bag and lay my clothes out and the boy’s clothes out for the next morning. This includes their socks and their shoes so that we aren’t left scrambling for them right before we leave.

multivitamin, morning routine, mornings with kids, healthy breakfast

3. A Healthy Breakfast and a Multivitamin

We noticed very early on that when Sutton had a sugar-filled breakfast in the morning, his mood was far more agitated, aggressive and hyper.

Sometimes we give in to some Trader Joe’s cereal, but most mornings we do avocado toast, peanut butter toast, chia seed cold oats or bacon and eggs.

He struggled for quite a few weeks with it and was always asking for cereal, but this has become his new normal and his behavior is much better in the mornings!

We also always add a multivitamin to our breakfast regimen. Sutton takes a gummy Alive Multivitamin, I take the AliveWomen’s Ultra Potency Multivitamin and Jesse takes the AliveMen’s Once Daily Ultra Potency Multivitamin! They are part of our daily regimen to help support Sutton’s immunity) and they help to support our overall health*!

To purchase your own multivitamins, you can get them from Amazon here and don’t forget to use the code 15ALIVE1 to get 15% off of yours!

4. Make a morning routine chart

It’s important that every child knows what is required of them in the morning. And understandably, it can be so easy for them to forget a thing or two when there are a list of things that need to get done.

A morning routine chart is helpful for two reasons. This chart will remind them of what needs to be accomplished and it also gives them the physical opportunity to “check” their tasks off their list. This begins the morning with a sense of accomplishment and joy from everyone in the home!

At this point, Sutton is still young (3 years old) so I help him with some of these tasks, but there are some that he gets to do on his own as well. We still check each item off of the list every morning and he looks forward to it every day!

You can purchase a magnetic Morning Routine Chart, download a printable or just create your own!

Here are a few ideas to add if you make your own chart!

▪ Brush teeth

▪ Comb Hair

▪ Wash Face

▪ Get Dressed

▪ Eat Breakfast

▪ Put shoes on

▪ Grab backpack or lunchbox

▪ Head out the door with a smile on!

I hope this encourages you to set and stick to a morning routine for the sake of your own peace and for that of your family! What does your morning routine look like? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

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