Are you struggling in your marriage? Are you living in a Christian marriage where you and your spouse feel more like roommates than you feel like soulmates? This course will help to guide you in becoming a more faithful and godly wife. 

The Wife Project: From Roommates to Soulmates Course – Sign up for the June launch today!

Marriage, as Paul wrote, carries its own demands, distractions and disappointments. 

Even within the Garden of Eden before the Fall, Adam did not complete Eve. 
She wanted more and needed more. But our husbands were never created to fulfill our every need.

Wives: Growth within our marriage can, and should, begin with us because of who Christ is within us. 

Identifying root issues through the lens of Gospel-Truth.

All 8 sessions are video teachings broken into smaller portions that I have poured my heart, soul & knowledge into! I will be addressing the root issues of marital struggles by offering Gospel-truth and Biblical wisdom that will lead you to living life with your husband as soulmates, rather than sharing life as roommates.

Actionable Challenges and Questions

I give you practical, actionable “Marriage Challenges” and Journal Questions to immediately begin working through the deep struggles of your marriage AND your faith-life immediately.

Living out REAL life-change and relationship-growth

I continually encourage you to set your eyes on Jesus and the Gospel so you can rise to be the wife that God has called you to be. It may not be the wife that your husband has described he wants, but it is the wife that we find in Scripture with her heart and eyes set on the Kingdom.