My sweet friend, Morgan, was the first person to ever convince me to use oils. I have to admit that every time she talked about a new oil she had used that “worked for her”, I immediately assumed that the placebo effect was doing its work and she was simply imagining that these little “potions” (as my husband now calls them) were actually doing something. I haven’t ever been a big fan of taking medicine, mainly because I can’t handle swallowing pills and hate the idea of all of those chemicals going into my body. Because of this, the concept of essential oils did appeal to me, but I just couldn’t jump into the fad.

Then came pregnancy and motherhood – about a year later. During my pregnancy, I had extremely horrible headaches and I really didn’t want to take any medicine – even Baby Tylenol – if I could prevent it (just a personal choice.) I finally gave in and ordered a DoTERRA Kit to see what the hype was all about, and it had literally everything that I could need! I began using Peppermint Oil to put on my temples and my headaches were immediately eased. I have to admit that I was a little surprised, and still slightly skeptical, but I was thankful for the relief.

After I had Sutton, I had extreme anxiety, so I began using the DoTERRA Balance Oil and Lavender Oil to diffuse anxiety, stress and to increase my overall mood and found that it genuinely helped – and quickly!

My husband has always suffered through really bad migraines and he now runs to the Peppermint Oil to take the edge off right away. We diffuse OnGuard and Lemon Oil throughout the house to prevent sickness and clean the air. We put diluted Oregano, Lemon and Frankincense on the bottom of Sutton’s feet when he starts to get sick and notice that his symptoms diminish almost right away. I have also used Deep Blue countless times when Jesse has restless legs during a flu or sickness. (That stuff is magic!)

doterra essential oils

It took my own personal experiences to believe in the oils and I genuinely couldn’t love them more. I always encourage people to try them, solely because of how well they have worked for my own family.

I had the opportunity to speak with a friend of mine, Rae Chavez, about her experience as a distributor of DoTERRA Essential Oils. Rae and my husband, Jesse, have been friends since kindergarten and I have been so blessed to get to know her as a friend. She has been a huge encouragement to me with my blog and has supported me with so much love and kindness. She has been so incredibly genuine and sincere from day one. If you get the chance to speak or work with her, I know that you’ll love her, too!

How did you get into selling oils? 

I began about two years ago! I saw what a difference it was making in the lives of my own family. My sister and brother were both on necessary medications, and DoTERRA oils helped both of them to get off of their medications.

I started using oils on myself and my kids and saw how effective they were for colicky babies, bacterial infections and viral infections. Because of the difference I saw in my family, I really couldn’t keep them to myself. It’s just so easy to get out and share these oils and make an impact on other’s lives. When I saw that I could build my own successful business, while serving others AND getting to stay home with my kids – that was a real game changer for me.

What has impacted you the most in regards to your business and DoTERRA Oils in general?

I get to meet so many new people and build so many new relationships. When people come to me and tell me, “My daughter is feeling so much better” or “I can wear jeans again because my stomach isn’t swollen anymore”, it just makes me so happy. It’s a mutual blessing because I can help them find a solution for whatever it is that they’re going through while building my own business. It’s residual income — which is pretty huge for me. I have the opportunity to help lead others who are struggling financially into building their own business. That’s the most rewarding thing in itself – that it’s actually making an impact in other people’s lives in so many ways.

Which oils are your personal favorites and why? 

My favorite oils would have to be the ones from The Family Essentials Kit and The Home Essentials Kit. They come with the top ten oils that every family needs in their home and can completely replace your medicine cabinet. For a mom with babies, each one of those oils are effective and safe to use. I use the Top Ten Oils in my house daily and they’re the ones I recommend to others the most because they’re so versatile.

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Why would you say that DoTERRA is the best option for oils? What is the difference between those and store-bought oils?

The difference would be in the purity. DoTERRA sets a new standard for purity with their oils. It’s called CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils. They go through a variety of tests and there is a chemical fingerprint that DoTerra looks for. They won’t have fillers and there will only be 100% essential oil in each bottle. A lot of the oils in the stores say “100% Natural” or “100% Organic”, but on the back of the bottle it will also say, “Don’t apply topically” or “Not for internal use”. This raises a red flag. The standards of purity are not the same as Doterra’s standards and aren’t as safe to use.

To get the best value would be to go to the website and get a kit. The kits are seriously amazing! It will give them access to all of the oils at wholesale price for 25% cheaper for an entire year. It also waives the membership fee! That’s the best way to get the oils – so they can order them directly and have them delivered straight to their home. I will still work very closely with them to address any ailments or concerns that they might have – using a natural approach. Also, a lot of people don’t really realize the benefits of having their own account because you can earn points to get free oils.

How do people get in touch with you to purchase or just simply ask questions? 

They can always call me or go to my website, For anyone interested, I would go through a consultation with them and discuss their top three health priorities. I have a book called The Essential Life and it is my go-to reference because it deals with so many different ailments. I want to make sure that people are reaping the real benefits that the oils have to offer. I would be humbled to work closely with anyone who may be interested until they are 100% comfortable!

If you have any questions at all for Rae or if you’re interested in discussing oils, please feel free to call or text her at 505-302-4689.

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