I have always been on a fitness rollercoaster. You guys, I LOVE junk food. Way too much. And I am a busy, working, part-time stay-at-home momma and feel like I have zero time for working out. But I have noticed recently how much my lack of exercise or healthy eating impacts not only me, but my family as well.


On today’s quick episode, I am sharing 5 tips that truly help me when I feel like I have zero energy or motivation to work out. These are the small things that keep me going and keep me focused on my goals as a momma, a wife and a woman who desires to have self-confidence and gratitude in my life.


1 Timothy reminds us that bodily training is of value and our bodies are also referred to in scripture as a temple. God calls us to care for our bodies and care for ourselves. I think it’s important that we are at least trying our best. 


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Lindsey Maestas is the host of The Living Easy Podcast and discusses faith, truth and relationships while never shying away from the hard and uncomfortable topics. She has two mottos: ‘You Are More Than Your Mess’ and ‘Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes’ and she speaks to moms, wives and girls about how to pursue righteousness and true joy while making real, lasting changes.