In a world filled with constant distractions, negative news cycles, and everyday challenges, it’s all too easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of stress and negativity. But what if there was a way to regain control of our emotions, uplift our spirits, and cultivate a brighter outlook on life? The answer lies in shifting our focus to the positive things that surround us each day.

Think about it. How often do we find ourselves dwelling on the things that go wrong or the obstacles that stand in our way? It’s natural to get caught up in negativity, but by consciously redirecting our attention, we can unlock a world of joy, gratitude, and endless possibilities.

Moreover, positivity is contagious. As mamas, we want to be the best example to our kids. When I radiate positivity, it is evident that it uplifts my boys which creates a ripple effect of joy and inspiration.

We can become a source of light in the lives of others, fostering stronger relationships and building a sense of community. By focusing on the positive, we contribute to a collective shift in consciousness, spreading optimism and hope in a world that often feels chaotic.

So what are some simple ways to think positively?

I choose to like things – and it’s a practice that has genuinely made my life abundantly sweeter.

For example:

  1. I’m at a restaurant, and the food is just “okay” and service is slow. While it’s definitely easier to get in my head and pick things apart, instead, I choose to find the thing that I do love. I search for something in the restaurant that makes me happy and set my focus there, I focus on a flavor that I do enjoy, and that becomes my experience. I have very few negative feelings about anywhere I’ve been because this is a practice that helps me to find joy.

  2. When I’m stuck in traffic, I could slam the steering wheel, honk and swerve through lanes, but I know that will only decrease my joy. So I choose to see it as a time of rest, a time to talk to God and pray for my heart and the people I love, and to choose thankfulness for a moment of reprieve. ⁣

  3. When I’m grabbing a coffee and see a pretty street, I go out of my way to drive through it, to admire the trees, flowers and pretty houses while listening to music that I love. ⁣

  4. When someone is rude to me, I choose to believe that they’ve had a hard day or that they are hurting, and even if I’m annoyed, I force myself to pray for them.⁣

I love joy and I seek it out. I thrive off of beautiful things, sweet relationships, and exciting adventures. And while I share a whole lot about my mess on here and on the pod, I also have a lot of joy in my life that I fight to find.⁣

I really do believe that when we look for the bad or choose to see patterns of negative things, we will absolutely see more of it. I see my boys with so much light, love, and passion and believe that cynics are made, not born. ⁣

I want to raise my boys to find joy in the smallest things and the beautiful life that Jesus has given us. 💜

What is one way that you seek out joy on an average or hard day? Let’s encourage each other to live happier and healthier lives.