Sarajane Case is the powerful and kind woman behind Enneagram & Coffee.

Sarajane seriously knows all things Enneagram and on today’s episode Sarajane and I are talking about the best ways to love people in your life based on their enneagram number. As I heard her talk, I thought of all of the people in my life and how accurate these personality types truly were. 
It is so important for us to consider the people in our lives and how we can serve them best. Sarajane and I discuss unhealthy vs. healthy enneagram numbers and how to know when you’re in the ‘unhealthy’ category, how to respond to discovering your enneagram number – especially when it makes you feel uncomfortable and what growth really looks like when it comes to our enneagram numbers. 
We also take time to discuss seeking connection with the people in our lives and the best way to love them based on their individual number.
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