“If we replaced cancel culture with critical thinking, we would have empathetic conversations instead of emotional reactions. And by talking, we learn to separate honest mistakes from actual hate.”

Dear Christians: The demand that someone else meet our criteria for acceptance is anti-gospel. 

Cancel culture is a toxic, dangerous habit and response in our generation. When we tend to worship our politics or ideologies more than we worship Jesus, we spit poison rather than pouring love, grace, empathy and compassion on one another. 

On today’s episode, Lindsey Maestas discusses the importance of setting the example as a Christian. She gives practical wisdom on what to do instead of #cancelling someone in your life and why the damage is so much greater than we might initially believe.

She shares about the heart of Christ, the importance of listening (while also realizing that listening does not mean you agree) and why cancelling someone shows partiality, which is against the call in scripture. 

Let us call one another up, friends. This world is going crazy – let us live above reproach and shine as the lights of the world, rather than giving in to the darkness.