No matter how open, empathetic or extroverted we are, there are always emotional walls that we have built up that affect our daily lives and our relationships with our spouses, children, family and friends. 

You guys, this is one of my favorite episodes I’ve recorded so far. It is honest and digs into the core of so many of the issues we face day-to-day. 

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The walls I’m discussing in today’s episode are:

1. Walls that block out unwanted feelings, 2. Walls that keep a distance between us and other people, 3. Walls that hide who we really are and 4. Walls that keep us from growing spiritually.

I am talking about the importance of breaking down the emotional walls that we’ve built (because they typically destroy rather than give life), creating healthy boundaries as a Christian and building spiritual walls and a foundation on Christ. 

I am also talking about how we build walls in our marriages and allow pride to seep in, creating distance that doesn’t belong. I talk about being a ‘hard person’ because of past circumstances and the importance of fighting the things that keep us there. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and allow God’s word to help you grow – because remember! – nothing changes if nothing changes.

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Lindsey Maestas is the host of The Living Easy Podcast and discusses faith, truth and relationships while never shying away from the hard and uncomfortable topics.

Lindsey has two mottos: ‘You Are More Than Your Mess’ and ‘Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes’ and she speaks to moms, wives and girls about how to pursue righteousness and true joy while making real, lasting changes.

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