Today’s guest is Allie Casazza, queen of decluttering and the woman who helps other women simplify everything – in their homes, in their schedules, and even in their motherhood.

As I prayed about this conversation, I realized how deeply important it is that our days begin well at home. Our mornings begin at home, our rest begins at home and that flows out onto the people and situations we come across throughout the day. We have to get a handle on our homes, friends – for sweeter days and for furthering the Kingdom. We shouldn’t be spending every moment cooking, cleaning, stressing, and then cleaning again, only to miss out on the most special moments that we should be savoring with our little ones and our families.

I took to Instagram for this episode to ask you guys what you wanted to hear from Allie, so this Q&A style conversation is full of practical advice that you wanted to know.

Allie shares how her own life was impacted by too much stuff and how it affected her own joy and caused deep depression and anxiety in her motherhood, which is what compelled her to write a book and coach women in the art of minimalism. She talks about guilt-free, no-stress ways to transform your home and your life – and it is GOOD stuff, you guys.

In this episode, Allie answers questions about decluttering children’s toys, the importance of donating items without guilt, how to organize without all of the fancy baskets and expensive plastic bins, teaching your children and husband how to simplify, and much more!

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