In this episode, we are talking all about raising boys to be GOOD at being godly men. And I truly have had few interviews that I felt like I learned so much from as I did in this one. Pastor Jon talks about the difficult burden that many children bear which is the unlived life of a parent and how that deeply affects them. He shares about how men ache to be good at being men, but often lack the tools and resources to do so.

“I want to pass on radical blessing, not radical dysfunction, to my children.”

This is one of the quotes that Pastor Jon Tyson from NYC (@jontyson) shared with me and all I could think was ‘amen!’

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Pastor Jon offers his own experiences as a father of over 20 years and the biblical truths that helped him to build such a strong relationship with his son.

He talks about the importance of a father showing vulnerability with their son and how to invite them into your life so that the bond isn’t broken when your children become teenagers. This is a PHENOMENAL interview and one that I strongly recommend that you listen to once and then again with your spouse.

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