It’s easy to end a long night of bedtime routines and go your separate ways from your spouse to find some rest and relaxation. It’s easy to love and protect our little ones so much that we lose sight of the needs of our spouse. But when a family is not structured the way that God has designed it to be, it begins to create a slow drift that will eventually drown a marriage. 

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On today’s episode, Jesse and I share our own experiences with the damage caused by a child-centered marriage after we had our first son. We discuss the moment that we were called out on it and what we have learned from that point.

We share practical wisdom on how to restructure your family dynamic, or simply strengthen it, and why this design is created to help us, not hurt us. We pray that this conversation helps your marriage immensely and causes you to seek Jesus in the way that He wants to shift your family focus and design. 

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