“Parenting opens all our wounds and insecurities, bringing us to our most vulnerable selves.”

This is a conversation that I fully, completely believe in and plan to have FAR more often. 

On today’s episode with Sarah Bragg, author of A Mother’s Guide to Raising Herself, we discuss the importance of not losing yourself within your motherhood, but rather growing INTO yourself. Jesus prunes us as we raise our little ones, mamas.

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He grows us just as much as we work to raise our little ones up well during our time together. But the question that I want to challenge you with today is: are you willing to be sanctified in your motherhood? Are you willing to fight for your own mental health rather than giving up and giving in?

Sarah and I are honest and vulnerable in this conversation as we discuss the struggles that we’ve had within our own parenting, how it’s never too late to change your parenting style and how I’m navigating that in my own life right now, why showing up on the days when you’re burnt out is more than enough and how to deal with pressure from family members when they tell you how to raise your own children. 

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