If you’ve ever struggled with working-parent guilt, this is for you:

Even as I try and write this post, far after my boy’s bedtime, Sutton just came in crying because of his growing pains. 

The question that so many women ask me in my one-on-one coaching is this: Can I actually do it all, Lindsey?

Can I mix a present, beautiful parenthood with a successful, fulfilling entrepreneurship?

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And while I don’t believe we can ever do it all (or even that we should want to), I do know this- Motherhood never stops and the needs of a business don’t stop, either. 

I have to be fully aware at every moment that I’m juggling the needs of my family in one hand, and the needs of my flourishing business in the other. Being a mama always takes precedence for me, but the blending of personal accomplishment IS possible.

Here’s what I have learned: You have to command the time.

You have to command and demand that time with your babies that you won’t ever get back, and you have to command the time for growth within your business. 

That sweet blending of parenthood + business allows for the most growth in our own souls as well.

For me, this looks like going into my office when I need to use my phone for work so that my boys don’t think that I am choosing my phone over them. It means no work or phones from dinner time on – until they go to sleep. 

It means later nights once the boys are in bed, dedicated to the fulfilling work that allows my husband to stay at home with me without being pulled in a million different directions. And it means scheduling and time-blocking so that my people aren’t neglected and my work is automated.

We are stretched, grown, and pruned to navigate the needs for growth in both business and parenthood. Go at a prayerful pace..

Remember that while the Proverbs 31 woman did a LOT, she didn’t do it all at once.

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Even though this working-parent-life is a crazy one, I’m here and determined to make it easier for you!

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