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Receiving packages at my door is one of my favorite things ever (and one of my husband’s least favorite things ever!) 😉 But getting packages with a variety of amazing things inside is the best of all.

This month I received a Babble Boxx filled with a super cute bra, skin care products, wine and more! I want to share a roundup of the products with you and share my opinions on them!

1. BALI Comfort Revolution Bra

The first thing that I noticed about this bra is that it doesn’t have a wire which is super important to me since I’m currently breastfeeding. I also don’t know that I’ll ever want to go back to normal wired bras after wearing such comfortable ones for such a long time!

I got the pink bra and love the color and the design. We plan to do a lot of activities and this Cool Comfort bra has a fabric that wicks moisture to help keep you cool and comfortable. I am actually wearing it as I type with an off-shoulder white t-shirt and jean shorts and it is so extremely cozy!

This BALI Intimates Bra is a step in the right direction for comfortability but it still looks cute. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to find cute AND comfortable bras, but thankfully, this one fits the bill. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

babble boxx bellame bali grins faces sunscreen bra skincare

2. BELLAME Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Moisturizer & Eye Cream

To be honest, I never used to take good care of my skin. I honestly probably did more harm than good when I tried! My friends would cringe when I would go to sleep with makeup on and moisturize with straight Vaseline (I’m not lying!)

I don’t know where I picked up those horrible habits from, but I’m thankful that my skincare routine is now much better – and necessarily so because I’m only a couple years away from 30!

In my Babble Boxx, I received the Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Moisturizer and the Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Eye Cream. The moisturizer is lightweight and I use it both morning and night to target fine lines and wrinkles and other things like dullness and an uneven skin tone.

To be honest, the smell of this moisturizer is a little bit too strong and perfume-y for my preference, but I do love how it feels against my skin. I don’t like the feeling of thick/sticky/heavy skincare products, so lightweight is very important to me.

The eye cream is a silky, innovative hydrator which helps to soften fine lines, deflates puffiness and diminishes dark circles. I need ALL of the help I can get in this area right now since I’m living on about 3 hours of sleep a night.

Find the creams at www.bellame.com and receive a FREE set of six ultra-luxe Bellame bamboo sourced washcloths with the purchase of The Acqua Lumiere Collection. (Gift valued at $22.)

3. Faustino I Gran Reserva

I tend to be a white wine drinker when I do have a glass, but my palette has been slowly assimilating to the flavor of red wines.

This Faustino wine is Spain’s largest producer of Gran Reserva and has a reputation for world-class wines. I have such an appreciation for and interest in the oenology process and the time, heart and effort it takes into making a great wine.

This bottle is a blend of Tempranillo, Graciano & Mazuelo. It is aged for 26 months in French and American oak barrels and at least three years in the bottle (isn’t that crazy?!) I’m pretty much just craving a trip to Europe right about now.

This wine was a little dry for my taste, but I actually really enjoyed it overall and love the look of the bottle – it would be a great gift idea for a wine drinker!

babble boxx faustino bellame bali grins faces sunscreen bra skincare

4. My Ex-Life Book

The new novel from Stephen McCauley, is a modern look at love and friendship about two exes that reconnect. I just finished a mystery/thriller novel last week and I’m halfway through My Ex-Life. I need a book on my nightstand at all times! This has been such an easy, fun read so far – one that I would love to enjoy by the pool or at the beach (if I could be so lucky!)

It has great humor and I love the writing style and flow of the story for a fiction novel. McCauley also wrote The Object of My Affection, which was made into a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. I need to work on making a list of my favorite summer books for you all!

babble boxx my ex life stephen mccauley bellame bali grins faces sunscreen bra skincare

5. OMM: Thickening Hair Mask & Thickening Oil

Ever since delivering Saxon, my hair has been so incredibly thin and it’s also falling out in chunks when I take a shower. It gives me some mild anxiety but I know that it eventually grows back and thickens back up. However, it’s so nice to have products that can help speed along the process a little bit.

I have been using the OMM Thickening Hair Mask and Oil since I received it in my Babble Boxx. The mask is a deep conditioning, weightless and reparative leave-in treatment. It has a slight smell of Jasmine (which I love) and has made my hair feel so much more healthy and nourished.

I have always been slightly intimidated by using oils in my hair because my hair gets greasy so quickly (dry shampoo is always a lifesaver for me.) But this oil really isn’t greasy at all and helps to strengthen the hair roots and creates a protective shield around the hair.

I have been using a lot of different products to try and get the “pregnancy shine” back into my hair, and the OMM products seem to be helping a lot! I also love that they’re holistic and promote the “farm-to-beauty” approach and is free of parabens, dyes, sulfate and silicone. It’s also safe for color treated hair which is important for me since I basically bleach mine constantly. 😉

Get 20% off OMM products with code SUMMER until September 15, 2018!

6. Erin’s Faces Mosquito Repellant and SPF 30 Sunstick

We don’t really struggle with mosquitos in Albuquerque because it’s so dry, but anytime we go to the lake or near the river, they drive us crazy!

This cruelty-free, deet-free mosquito repellent is vegan and uses essential oils including Eucalyptus, Citronella and Lemongrass. I’m all about the natural essential oils in products right now, especially after having kids!

It’s safe for all children over 6 months old and even for our puppy, Milo! Instructions recommend applying it liberally every few of hours to keep bugs away!

The SPF 30 Sunstick is easy to take on-the-go to the park, a picnic or a backyard BBQ this summer! I try to take the boys out and about as often as possible, but our desert heat is intense, so I’m always loading him up on sunscreen.

This Erin’s Faces sunstick is a sweat-resistant, non-greasy sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection. It’s also sheer and easily blendable (so no white residue all over your face!)

I have mine in my purse and want to get another one for the diaper bag so that I always have it on hand!

I hope you enjoy this product round-up and find some new products that you can’t live without!

With Grace,



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