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Today we celebrated our sweet Saxon Finn turning ONE! I know it’s so cliche, but I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by and how much insane love we have for that little boy.

We wanted to do a Cookie Monster theme because Saxon (unfortunately) has my eating habits – meaning he would eat sweets and chips all day long if we let him. And even if we don’t let him, it’s a battle. 😉  We also place an emphasis on education in our home and so – naturally – we love Sesame Street!

I know that everyone feels this way about their kids, but I just wish everyone could meet our boys and spend quality time with them.

Sutton is three and a half. He is compassionate and empathetic; he is always making sure that everyone around him is okay and feels loved. (If he kisses me, he has to go and find dad to kiss him, too.) He is a gentle soul, until it’s time to play, and then he is all boy.

Right now he is obsessed with dinosaurs, swords, nerf guns and more swords.

He’s an all-around extrovert (he can spend six hours straight with a friend, and as soon as that friend leaves, he is asking for another friend to come over.) He’s very intelligent which makes him seem so much older (time: please slow down) and he is really figuring out what is right and wrong in life right now. It has been encouraging to me to witness his child-like faith and walk through these rights and wrongs with him.

Saxon is a cuddle bug. We literally prayed specifically for a lazy baby! No joke. Sutton has been ultra high energy from day one so we asked for a calm little guy to balance it out – and we got him!

Saxon LOVES to give hugs and kisses. He is truly always, always happy and content – unless he is teething – which has been a really sad experience for him.

He is always grabbing books and backing himself up to plop down into my lap to cuddle and read. He loves music and has been dancing since he was 5 months old (he didn’t get that from either of us! haha.)

I’m writing this, partly for all of you, but mostly for myself. I never want to forget these sweet stages of life that seem to rush by so quickly.

I never want to be so busy keeping up with my day-to-day that I don’t take a second to soak in and take a mental snapshot of the sweetness that Jesus has given us in these two boys. He is so good and so faithful. I see His love and His goodness through them.

These first birthday parties are so much fun for me (birthdays in general, actually) because I get to pour my love for the boys into something that I love to do.

I love hosting, having people in our home, making far too many meals and desserts all while designing a specific space and time that is creative and fun for my boys.

Our cake, you guys! A sweet friend of ours from Sweet Grace Cake Co. in Albuquerque made the smash cake, the Cookie Monster cupcakes and the main cake. She topped the delicious blue cake with a cute little edible Cookie Monster from Etsy! Her cakes aren’t only beautiful, they are absolutely mouth-watering and devoured into crumbs by anyone who takes even one bite.

Friends, if you’re in need of a cake, Sweet Grace Cake Co. is your girl!






I loved having this little stuffed Cookie Monster “stuck” in a jar, peering down at all of the cookies and treats. We made chocolate chip and walnut cookies, cream filled carrot cake cookies, Snickerdoodles and chocolate covered Oreo Cookie Monster Cookies (I can’t get over how cute and easy those were!)

I got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Piñata from Amazon. It took about two bags of candy to fill; luckily we still had a ton left over from Valentine’s Day, so it worked out!

The cookie was SO cute and I loved that I could use it as a table decoration before the kids destroyed it. The pinata was also sturdy enough that it took everyone some time to break through it, but they got it and it was every man for himself as soon as that candy came pouring out.

I used cute, customizable favor tags from Etsy for the gift bags. I stuffed each bag with two stencils, silly putty, a cookie and rock candy (affordable and fun for the kids while they’re driving home!)

I purchased the food labels from this Etsy shop, although if you have a Cricket, you could definitely make both of these at home and save some money!

One essential staple that I now have to have at every party is a Charcuterie Board; there is such a wide variety of food on a cheese board and it’s great for people who are just hanging out and snacking.

This gorgeous charcuterie board with cured meats and cheeses, strawberries, grapes, nuts, olives and more was made by the one and only Olive & Rose Company located in Albuquerque.

Olive & Rose designs and creates these custom boards for any occasion and the quality is exceptional. I can’t count the number of compliments we received on ours today! They also make different types of boards like kid-friendly and vegetarian. You will love them!

Olive & Rose Co.

Olive & Rose Co.

Olive & Rose Co.

Olive & Rose Co.

Olive & Rose Co.

Also, because I know someone will ask: My pearl hoop earrings (which I wear pretty much every day because I’m obsessed) are from Never Not Retro. Her shop is filled with SO much goodness.


Gosh, what a special day. My heart is full!

I’m so thankful for the friends and family who have been so intentional in being an active part of our babies lives and for coming to celebrate our little Saxon Finn. These relationships will be cherished always.

Honestly, the sweet intentionality that I see in the people around us makes me want to be a better friend, sister and mom. We will raise our boys letting them know how loved they truly are!

What was your theme for your children’s first birthday party?! Share in the comments below!

With Grace,