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*This post is sponsored by Framebridge, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


This past Christmas, Jesse and I wanted to bless my in-laws with a thoughtful gift as a huge thank you for allowing us to live with them for such a long period of time! It has been nearly seven months now since we first took over their basement.

We are so excited to share with you guys that we have finally purchased our fixer-upper and will begin working on the renovations at the end of February! Yay! We can’t wait to take you all along for the journey.

However, while we’ve been in this house, our boys have loved spending time with them, just as much as we have. They have used every opportunity to crawl up the stairs to see my in-laws, David and Catherine, as often as they can.

Catherine works from home and I stay home with the boys, so Saxon will scream at the door at the top of the stairs until she opens it just to say “hi.” She says he’s her joy, and I believe her, but I’m sure it also drives her a little bit crazy sometimes. 😉

David and Catherine have fed us delicious food and shared wisdom encouraging us in our life decisions, our faith and in our marriages. They have offered their home, their servanthood and their generosity. With that said, a ‘thank you’ just didn’t feel like it would suffice, even though they’ve never even asked for that.

Since I love home decor, Catherine has asked that I design and redecorate her house while we live here. Since we moved in, we’ve had all 4,700 square feet of it painted from tan and brown to whites and grays. It has brightened up the house so much!

The wall behind this dining table used to be brown with a square, red painting centered on the wall with two small lights on the side. It clashed with the space and left so much of it completely bare.

I wanted to incorporate something that would accentuate the large room and offer a warmth and welcoming atmosphere for guests when they first walk through the door.

I have always LOVED gallery walls and have fallen absolutely in love with the concept of these close up, large portraits in a home (I plan to put them in our new house as well!) I knew they would be a great fit.

Our entire family gathers around this table every single week over good food and sweet conversation. The love that my in-laws have for their grandkids is incomparable and I knew they would be blessed by these photos of all seven of them!

I hadn’t ever used Framebridge before, but friends of mine had raved about them and how amazing the quality was. The ease and quality surpassed my expectations and they were absolutely incredible to work with.

I went onto the Framebridge site, uploaded my photos, chose the size and checked out – all within about 15 minutes. Framebridge printed them for me, framed them and shipped them – quickly and without any issues!

Each frame is 16″ x 24″ and I’m still very happy with the size of them. I was far more worried about the photos looking too small than looking too large, but I think they fit the wall well.

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Lindsey Maestas is a Christian based out of Albuquerque, NM. She is a wife to a loving husband and a stay-at-home-mom to two sweet little boys. She received her degree in Journalism and is a writer for the faith-based lifestyle blog, sparrowsandlily.com. She loves Jesus, event planning, baking and binge-watching Netflix with her husband. Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.