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*This post is sponsored by Displate.com but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

As many of you know, we currently live with our in-laws in a separate little quarters. We sold our house with the intention of building a home, began that home build, God shut the door and we decided that we needed to be more wise with our money so we have instead decided to start working on investment properties!

We just closed on the purchase of a rental home last week and now we’re in the process of finding our own house to buy and flip! We’ve done our best to make this little space ‘home’ for the time being and to help my mother-in-law redecorate her house!

We had every single wall in the house repainted (in a 5,000 square foot home, that’s a big feat!) We went from tans and dark browns to whites, tinted taupes and light and dark grays. Painting alone has made such an incredible difference – but now it’s time for decor!

We just recently hung up our thin, metal Displate poster which was honestly one of the easiest things I’ve ever done in regards to home decor! Jesse and I always procrastinate when it comes to hanging things up (meaning they will sit in the same spot on the floor for a month before we do anything with them.)

We’re both awful at figuring out where the nails should go, moving things around if there isn’t a stud and don’t even get me started on leveling.

But this metal Displate photo was so incredibly easy! All we had to do was stick the two included metal magnets onto the poster (one on top and one on bottom) and then peel off the top layer which reveals a sticky surface to press against the wall. We did a little leveling (thanks to our iPhone app) and ta-da! It was finished!


When I first went onto the home page, there weren’t a lot of designs that caught my eye as it was a really different style than what we have in our home. I decided to throw some words into the search browser. I looked up cactus, plants and watercolor and was pleasantly surprised to find SO many good things. It was difficult to choose just one!

As the holidays roll around, this is the perfect gift idea for your fellow home decor lover (or in my case, my mother-in-law!) They offer gift-ready packing and the wide variety of photos from a multitude of artists will allow you to find something individualized and perfect!

I already have my eye on a few cactus posters and Bible verse paintings that I want to get for our bedroom! Let me know in the comments below which style or design catches your eye!

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