You and your spouse are biologically, spiritually and experientially different people. Today we discuss a few practical ways to end the arguments and gain understanding for the betterment of your marriage.


The biological differences between you and your spouse have the opportunity to cause a lot of tension. You were also raised completely differently in different homes and you both have a very different relationship with God.

The differences between ourselves and our spouses can bring us closer together – if only we let them. We must put an end to the expectations for our spouse to parent like us, sleep like us, clean the house just like us, socialize like us, love like us and pursue God just like us.

Today Lindsey and Amaris are discussing:

-Healthy communication in marriage
-Practical tips to help stop the bickering once and for all
-Putting an end to unrealistic expectations
-Why you should never say ‘never’ (or ‘always’) in your marriage
-How to find balance with football and video game loving husbands
-Acceptance vs. Compromise

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