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*This post has been sponsored by Wayfair and American Home Furniture, but all opinions and comments are my own.*

Designing this fixer upper has been so much fun, especially this bright white living room, but I have to be honest and say that the best part is that it has become a “home” for our little family of four.

We recently went on vacation and my son, Sutton, said at one point, “I am ready to be back at home, momma, because our house is just so cozy.” *Cue the tears!*

Those little words make all of this effort worth it and remind us why we poured so much heart and time into this home.

Any house can be cozy, can’t it? It doesn’t come from money or Pinterest-perfection – it’s about making it your own and creating real, intentional and happy memories in the space you have been blessed with.

One of the most “cozy” houses I’ve ever visited was the home of a friend’s mom. It was messy, completely simple and not decorated in the slightest.

But as soon as we walked in, we could smell a cake in the oven, she welcomed us with a warm hug and had an open door policy – which was displayed as countless friends came in and out to say hello or have a snack in the short time that I was visiting.

That is a home. That is what I want to offer with the space that God has given us.

I want newly married couples and those celebrating 50 years of marriage to snuggle up on these couches in our living room. I want both sweet and hard conversations to be had around our dinner table.

I want for Sutton and Saxon’s friends to look forward to coming over for movie nights and for our home to always be the place that makes them feel the safest. 



What We Renovated: 


We opened up the space from the living room to the kitchen by knocking down the archways. We were super close to putting a wood pole right down the middle of the opening, but we called a structural engineer and they said that it wasn’t necessary (phew!) I love an open floor plan.


We did an acid wash over the fireplace and painted it with a semi-gloss in a bright, white paint – Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65). 

We chose a warm, creamy white for the walls – Simply White (0C-117). I didn’t love it before we put the furniture in because it looked a little yellow next to the bright white fireplace.

Thankfully, a few home designers sent me a message and told me to wait until we put the furniture in the house and I’m so glad they did! It’s such a perfect white that feels really warm and welcoming without being too stark.

It does have a slight yellow undertone but it just looks like a warm white in our space. It is one of BM’s Colors of the Year and used by countless designers – and for good reason! We are really happy with it. 


I had a specific type of chair that I wanted and was so thankful to find these Vancouver Armchairs on Wayfair! I wanted something that tied the two sofas together. The wood arms and gray cloth matched perfectly and they are really comfortable which is also a huge plus! Find more chairs like this.

We purchased so many things for our home on Wayfair – from bathroom vanities to curtain rods to pillows and tile flooring. We are always thrilled with the quality of their products. 

We are so happy to have also worked with our local store in Albuquerque, American Home Furniture, for a ton of our furniture! In the living room, they gifted us with the gray cloth sofa, leather loveseat, moroccan coffee table, the brass etagere and our gorgeous wishbone dining chairs.   

American Home matches pricing and it was so nice to be able to sit on the sofas before we purchased them! I requested a few custom orders for specific items that I wanted and American was able to get exactly the pieces that I hoped for in our living room. 



What is your favorite piece of furniture in this renovation?!

Comment below and let me know what you think! Love you all! 🙂

With Grace,