Holidays are chaotic, but we have the freedom to make them peaceful. Your holidays don’t need to be filled with bickering, excess spending or stress.


Today’s episode is all about slowing down. With the joy of the holidays can also come stress, chaos, obligation and excessive spending. Lindsey and Amaris want to share how you can have complete freedom from every single one of those things this year.

In many families, there are often expectations to jump from house to house on Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to meet everyone else’s needs. Today, Lindsey and Amaris are sharing practical tips and verses that will help you to fight the temptation to be all things to all people.

We want to remind you of the importance of loving, serving and being present during the holidays, and sometimes (though not all the time) that simply means saying ‘no.’ We hope that you are inspired to focus on your own little family this year. Instead of bickering, rushing and going into debt, they will share how you can bring happiness, peace and financial wisdom back into the holidays.

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