Our lack of self-control can keep us from living the purposeful life that God intended for us. Fight the ‘treat yourself’ mentality and pursue His calling.


It’s too easy to end a long day with a bag of chips, a glass of wine and a Netflix binge. But are those things really good? Do they really, truly make us better? In moderation, sure. However, there often comes a point when you realize that you want a lot more out of your life.

In today’s episode, Lindsey and Amaris are talking about how ‘treating yourself’ doesn’t always mean giving into the temporary satisfactions that are offered. When you give in to the lie that these things make you better, you lose sight of Who ultimately gives you rest and joy.

Today, Lindsey and Amaris dive in to the discussion about how self-discipline has an effect on every single aspect of our lives. The way that we treat our bodies impacts our families. The way that we treat our minds impacts our work and our success. The way that we treat our down-time affects our spiritual and physical purpose. Amaris and Lindsey bring to light the hope that can be found in choosing self-control as well as practical tips to help you implement this productivity into your daily life.

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