I have learned over the past several years of being married that when Jesse and I come together to work as a team, things, one, run more smoothly, and two, are a lot more fun. Working on the same goal brings you closer together. 

I’ve also learned no matter how much I wish my husband could, no one can read our minds. 😉 

As 2023 approaches, I want to encourage you to intentionally talk about things you may not typically talk about with your spouse. 

I created a goal-setting worksheet to prompt you and your spouse to come together and communicate about what you’d like to do & see happen for your family in 2023. 

When we started doing this, I was surprised to learn what was on Jesse’s mind for our family’s future. It was so fun to see what each of us prioritized! 


Are you ready? Let’s do this!

1. Plan a night that works for you and your spouse to sit down together for an hour after putting the kids to bed.

2. Let your spouse know that you want to set solid goals for greater success together. 

3. Give each other 10 minutes to think and write down personal and family goals within each category. 

4. Allow each other a chance to share their input out loud and receive it well, no matter what it might be.

5. Once you’ve talked through each section, see how you can align your goals for your family and encourage each other personally.

6. Pray over your goals and plans together. We know that God is ultimately in control so remember to pray for each of you to walk into 2023, trusting him fully with where he takes your family this next year.

7. Place your completed sheet on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, where you both will be regularly reminded of what you’re working towards together.

8. Set a date night in your phone each quarter to sit down together and make sure you’re on track!




I am so excited for you to do this together. When we approach our life with a united front, we can stand against anything. It’s going to be fun!

Happy New Year!