Let’s talk about that a little!

In the past, I’ve set goals for my business and implemented actionable steps to work toward them. 

That’s what we are supposed to do. Right?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a plan while working, you’re more likely to waste A LOT of time. 

Have you heard the saying, “If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail”?

You can’t reach a destination if you haven’t set the right steps to get there. 

I want to help you! 

Trust me: I can easily be allll over the place while working. Distraction is a very real thing in my life.  I am the ‘25 tabs open’ kind of girl 😉 …  but really.

Also, I’m a mom. I want to be present with my children, and having a plan in place allows me to make the most of the time I spend working. We want to make every moment count!

I have had to set serious boundaries and use specific tools to help me stay focused and motivated – especially when I feel uninspired, overwhelmed, or just plain lazy.

Below are three simple steps you can take when setting a business goal. 


  1. Write your goal down, be very specific about what you want and when you will achieve it, and share it with someone for accountability. Telling someone makes it feel REAL.

  2. Break down that goal into smaller goals that, once achieved, get you closer to your main goal.

  3. Schedule purpose-driven tasks on your calendar. Purpose-driven tasks are those things that move the needle on what is essential to — your career, your writing, your business, & your product.


60% of your time should be spent on purpose-driven tasks, and the other 40% should be on building relationships. 

We all want to focus on the right things and weed out everything else. 

Every goal will include some tasks that we don’t love doing. I try to complete those tasks FIRST to get them over with. I call it ‘swallowing my frog,’ and it changes the trajectory of my day when I get those intimidating things out of the way. 

For example, creating reels can sometimes feel soul-sucking to me. 

I love talking about the things I’m passionate about, but I struggle actually taking the time to create these videos.

But I know that, for the sake of growth and profit, I just have to do it. If I can get ready and get those done first, then I can more easily focus on the tasks that aren’t so daunting to me.

In my Permanently Profitable: Money-Making Bundle, I share every detail of how I created a multiple 6-figure course,  and I’m watching my students do the same! 



I also share how to batch your work in the academy, so you use your time most efficiently. This was a game changer for me and helped provide more time freedom than I had when I was intermittently working on ALL the things throughout my day. 

Grab your seat now, and go-at-your-own-pace! 


Pray over those goals, and get to work! I’m so excited to see what you accomplish!





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