Do you feel like the algorithm is working against you on Instagram? Do you feel like no matter how much you post, you don’t grow? If so, I have some tips to help you grow on Instagram!

I had such a great response to this Instagram post where I shared screenshots of the income that I make *while I sleep* by using social media.

I also talked about how I replaced my husband’s salary and retired him from his career within 3 months of Online Creation.

I now have the ability to work, whenever I choose and from wherever I am, simply by sharing what I love with the world. 

how to grow on instagram

I want to be clear: this wasn’t an overnight, one-and-done success situation. It takes HARD work. But doing what I love never stops feeling good.

I researched like crazy and listened to experts galore. I have found so much joy in what God has called me to and have decided to share what I’ve learned with all of you (down to the smallest details!) 

I have created The Online Money-Making Academy which includes both The Social Media Academy & The Online Course Creation Academy  to help you make money by doing what you love from the comfort of your own home (or while on vacation – whichever you choose!)

(P.S. This is inside scoop just for you: I will also be launching an IG Reels + TikTok Academy in the future to teach you how to easily create and use video content like a pro!) 

Now, onto the good stuff! Today I’m sharing the 3 things that every post needs in order to draw in REAL traffic and to start profiting REAL money from social media! 

3 Things That Every Instagram Post Needs:

1. Use A Specific Focus with Your Instagram Account

I know, I know. Your dog is SO cute (I’m obsessed with mine, too) but unless you have a Puppy Grooming Business or Puppy Clothing Company, those photos don’t belong on your business or creator feed!

One of the biggest mistakes that creators make is confusing their followers by not having a focused niche. If you have good engagement, but are losing followers, this might be why!

Create the content that you want your audience to follow you for and do your best to stick with that focus. You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself entirely, but you do want your content NOW to point toward what you want to sell in the future. 

2. Use A Call-to-Action To Increase Your Instagram Engagement

You’ve likely seen this on my Instagram posts – and it’s because it works! Whenever I post on @livingeasywithlindsey and @lindsey.maestas, I do my best to request something in return from my audience.

This often looks like asking my audience to ‘Share and Save’ a post which helps to boost engagement. I also ask for my followers to comment so that I can learn things from them and also have the opportunity to engage back with them!

I talk a whole lot about why this is SO important for profiting and growing in The Online Money-Making Academy.

3. Have A Long-Term Goal That Points Toward Resources

I always remind my One-on-One Coaching Clients that this is so important when creating any type of content.

Ask yourself: What am I directing my audience to in the long run? What do I hope to create for them that I can start sharing my wisdom on *right now*, even before it’s created?

This will help you to stay focused while also building genuine trust and relationships with your audience.

But, as always, REMEMBER: Social media isn’t the only place to spend your time and energy, because likes and follows do not pay the bills, friends.

Traveling the world together while making $$$ would be fun, wouldn’t it?

You guys, there are some really great ways that you can *automate your time* so that your content LASTS and begins to make you money while you sleep. 

…And we will talk MUCH more about that in The Online Money-Making Academy.. 😉

Can’t wait!