Do you dream of building an entire career and 6-7 figure income as a social media manager and content creator *from* a spot on the beach (or your bed?)

This became a reality for me this past year. Let me tell you how I did it! 

6.5 years ago I started a blog from my couch, holding a newborn and covered in spit-up. It wasn’t glamorous, but I loved writing and sharing about what I loved. And it brought in “okay” income, but nothing too substantial. ⁣⁣
Here’s where things changed: I began following a girl on IG who started creating Online Courses about home organization. She made $18,000 overnight during her first launch and I was fascinated by her success.

I remember one night at about 10pm, I ran into Jesse’s office (because he was literally always working) and told him I was going to try it. ⁣I didn’t fully believe in myself and I was SO afraid of failure. But I knew if I didn’t at least try, I would never succeed. ⁣

After much time, energy, and some (many) tears, I launched my first course! And the next morning I burst into even more tears when I saw that I had more than TRIPLED in one night what my inspiration had profited for her launch.⁣

I created *The Wife Project Course* in 2020 and less than one year later, I replaced my husband’s income and retired him from his real estate career at the age of 32. 

I’m here to tell you that I’m NOT special. That it DEFINITELY isn’t too late for you to do it *especially with reels and TikTok changing the game*. And that you DO have something worth sharing and teaching, even if you don’t feel like an expert.⁣
God brought me to this place where I am now able to build my own business, support my family, and allow my husband to stay home (or travel) with me & the boys – all while simply teaching other people about the things I know love. It is a joy! ⁣⁣⁣

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