This is my sweet friend Emma Mae (@1corinthians13_love) and she is the host of the Have You Heard Podcast, a speaker, and a writer. I really, really love Emma’s authenticity and passion for God’s word. She is a gem of gems.

This episode has been a long time coming and is for all of my single and engaged friends out there! If you aren’t in this season right now, would you consider sending the episode to one friend, family member, or daughter who is? It might be a great blessing to them!

In this conversation, Emma and I (@livingeasywithlindsey) talk about the red flags to look out for in Christian dating and how to know when you’ve found the right person for you.

We share biblical truth and our thoughts on sexual purity and living together while dating and engaged as well as the very important difference between temptation and sin.

Emma shares about why premarital counseling was so impactful for her, how she and her husband met AND we both give our #1 tips when preparing for a wedding that you don’t want to miss.

I hope that this blesses and encourages you guys! If you are new to The Living Easy Podcast, welcome! I am sooo happy to have you here!

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