Nobody walks down the aisle to say “I do,” hoping for a mediocre, difficult marriage that ends in divorce.

Marriage, as Paul wrote, carries its own demands, distractions, and disappointments. 


Even within the Garden of Eden before the Fall, Adam did not complete Eve.  She wanted more and needed more. But our husbands were never created to fulfill our every need.

Marriage is made up of two people, but we can only control ourselves and what we bring to our marriage. It can and must begin with a change in us. 

God calls us to do ALL things with excellence, which means that we should give 100% of ourselves to everything that He has given us. Marriage isn’t 50/50.  It should always be 100/100. 

When you examine your heart and become more like Jesus in every area of life, that flows deeply and widely into your relationship with your spouse.

If you have been here for long, you know I love talking about real life – even the hard and uncomfortable things people don’t always want to discuss. I made a list of my podcast episodes that are solely about nurturing and growing deeper in your marriage. I hope you come back to this list often and share it with your friends who are married. In order to have a thriving marriage in today’s world, we have to commit to working on it every day. I hope these episodes encourage you to do that. 

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31 | How to Keep Video Games, Sports & Hobbies From Damaging Your Marriage with Jesse Maestas

37 | A Raw Conversation with My Husband: Dealing with Disconnected Seasons in Marriage

52 | Why We Stopped Going House-to-House for the Holidays (and How You Can, Too)

53 | Dealing with Difficult In-Laws as a Christian

57 | Jesse and Lindsey: A Fun Q&A On Life and Marriage

Sex & Christianity Ep. 1: How to Strengthen Your Intimacy When You Don’t Like or Want Sex with Dr. Juli Slattery

64 | Listen With Your Spouse: A Q&A For a Greater Sex Life + Foreplay Isn’t What You Think with Matt and Lisa Jacobson

68 | Fighting for a Healthy, Biblical Marriage: Jesse and Lindsey Answer Your Questions

70 | Are You in a Codependent Relationship?: Toxicity, Idolatry and Freedom

83 | Our Infidelity Story: Same-Sex Attraction, Sexual Addiction & A Redeemed 

85 | Following God When Your Spouse Doesn’t: The Spiritually Dry Marriage with Jesse Maestas

86 | Why a Child-Centered Marriage Will Hurt Your Family with Jesse MaestasMarriage

90 | Sin Loves Secrets: Navigating Trust, Jealousy & Lust in Marriage with Ashley and Dino Petrone

96 | Secrets From a Divorce Lawyer: Why Divorce Isn’t The Easy Way Out, How to Heal a Breaking Marriage, Finances & In-Laws with David Erdman

101 | Small, Daily Changes To Restore Your Marriage & Intimacy with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

105 | The Aftermath of Confessing Adultery as a Christian | My Story: Manda Carpenter

3 Things That Brought Our Marriage Closer Than Ever Before and Broke Down Damaging Walls in the Bedroom| A 5-Minute Intimacy Chat

107 | Making Your Marriage a Fortress with Gary Thomas

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