Most people will (hopefully) be spending a little extra quality time with their spouses this month, so I wanted to share with you some intimate questions that Jesse and I like to ask one another to strengthen our marriage!

We all know what it’s like to see your spouse after a long day at work, or with the kids, and to then feel so drained that you avoid intimate conversation when you see one another.

I get it. 


I know these days happen (grace upon grace), but unfortunately, I feel like this is the norm for many marriages. I remember when Jesse and I were dating, we would talk about everythinggg. Don’t you remember those nights when you would stay up until 3am, cheeks hurting from smiling, while talking on the phone to your future husband or wife? 


I want you to dig deep with your spouse this month. I want you to shift your mindset back to the “dating phase” and really be intentional about communicating with your spouse. If you need some stay-at-home date night ideas, check out 7 Creative Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas.


I created a printable that you can either screenshot or print off and slip in your purse or nightstand for easy access. 

I want to encourage you to pick a question every day and chat with your spouse. If you have a date night planned for Valentine’s, pick a few questions to discuss! 


Our brain is our biggest sex organ, and when we have healthy communication, we’re more likely to have a healthy sex life. 


I love getting feedback, so after using a few prompts, let me know how it went!


I’m rooting for you, friend!