This is for the girl who usually feels more disappointed than loved on Valentine’s Day.


I know from experience that expectations, especially when unspoken, always bring disappointment. I want 2023 to be a year of joy and contentment for myself and for you


Here are a few little reminders to help you fight feelings of discouragement or unmet expectations this Valentine’s Day:⁣


1. Expectations need to be communicated. As much as we wish our spouses could read our minds, they can’t! And if they should “just know”, then we are literally setting them up for failure. Keep it simple and voice your desires and expectations (breakfast in bed, anyone?) Also, this life was never intended to be all about us. How can you intentionally place your family above yourself tomorrow?⁣⁣


2. Everyone was raised differently. My parents bought me flowers and gifts for every holiday, every year. But my husband’s family isn’t the same way. When that isn’t part of their experiential or behavioral pattern, it is difficult to create a brand-new habit. Don’t place that heavy expectation on your spouse. If you like to celebrate, go all out for them! And if they don’t do the same, go back up to number 1. ♥️ 


3. The state of your relationship isn’t based on flowers, chocolates, diamonds or anything else that money can buy. Don’t place that stigma on your relationship. Throw that idea into the pit of hell, if you will 😂. Let’s say this louder for those in the back: If you don’t have a husband who is elaborate in gift-giving, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you! ♥️⁣⁣


4. Everything isn’t what it seems. We don’t know what people actually have going on in their lives, so to assume they have a better husband than you – based off of a cute photo of flowers (that they might have had sent to themselves 😉) – is to lose sight of the blessings in your own relationship.⁣⁣


5. Ask yourself: How can I love on someone who might be feeling lonely today? ⁣


There are 365 days in a year. Let’s focus on the countless small gestures our spouses do, rather than what they don’t.


P.S. Have sex with your husband! 😉 


With love, 



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