3 Ways You Can Grow More as a Person

(no matter what you’re going through)



The walk of a Christian is never one of perfection.

It is one of brokenness and self-examination and reliance and repentance. And I pray that I display that walk to you, even through my own failure and struggles. 
We see throughout scripture that God often allows His children to choose the world, or their own will, and to get to a place where we feel completely empty. He knows that once we have tasted His goodness, we will quickly find that this world has nothing that will ever satisfy our hearts. 
I will keep running toward His grace, even when I have nothing to give. 
I wanted to share 3 ways we can continue to grow as a person:


Be intentional about taking your thoughts captive (especially when you start reeling).
Ask yourself the question, “Is this true? If I believe it to be true, what foundation is this truth based on?” 
I like to use scripture to compare and contrast the many thoughts and lies that I often believe in my life. I also run them past the people I love when I feel like I can’t control my thinking. Focusing on gratitude for the true, excellent, and good things in my life, even when circumstances are hard, helps me to re-frame my thinking and simultaneously calms my anxiety. 


Stop being the smartest (and kindest) person in the room. 
One of the best things that you can do to enhance your life is to surround yourself with people who call you up and forward. If you are the smartest, kindest, warmest, most selfless, most godly person in the room – it may be time to seek out some new people. 
When we surround ourselves with friends who are always seeking to better their lives, it makes us want to do the same.  


Invest in healing your relationships – your marriage relationship, your family relationships, your relationship with God, and your relationship with your career. 
Stagnancy and comfort may feel good, but they aren’t healthy. Both physically and emotionally, comfort can become like a drug, lulling us into complacency or hard-heartedness. 
Seeking comfort is proven to inhibit our personal growth because we avoid hardship, fear, or tasks and conversations that intimidate us.

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