As a multi-passionate mom who loves serving her family, I know the challenges women face when approached with following those passions and stewarding their family well. I’ve learned you don’t have to choose one or the other, but you do have to implement healthy, non-negotiable boundaries to ensure you are not striving and instead thriving. I want to share five habits to create to help you thrive as a multi-passionate businesswoman + mama!


Set Clear Boundaries Between Work and Family Time

As a businesswoman with kids, setting clear boundaries between work and family time is important. Decide on specific hours for work and make sure you stick to them. Avoid checking emails or taking phone calls during family time, and make sure your children understand when you’re available to them. If you work from home, this can be challenging. I communicate with my children that I’m working when I go to my office. When I am in our community space, I’m a mom. This will help you to stay focused on your work when you needed while still being present for your family.


Prioritize Your Tasks and Delegate When Possible

Another important habit of creating is prioritizing your tasks and delegating when possible. The most successful people didn’t do EVERYTHING. They learned to delegate simple tasks so they could focus on the business-building tasks. Identify the most important tasks that need to be done and focus on them first. See if any of those tasks can be delegated and done by others. This will help you to be more efficient with your time and reduce stress. If you need help with business coaching, I love helping you clarify your vision and maximize your efforts in your business! If I could get back the time – years – I researched and self-taught to hire a mentor, I would. Don’t be afraid to learn from those who go before you


Make Time for Self-Care

As a busy businesswoman and mom, neglecting your needs is easy. But taking care of yourself is crucial for your physical and mental health. Make time for self-care activities you enjoy, such as exercise, reading, or spending time with friends. This isn’t selfish. It’s imperative. When I’m in a good head space, I return more joyful, creative, and balanced. This helps me be a better boss, mother, and wife.


Communicate Clearly with Your Family and Co-Workers

Effective communication is key to success in any relationship. Ensure you communicate clearly with your family and co-workers about your schedule, priorities, and expectations. I’ve learned the hard way that unmet expectations are a common factor in failed relationships – business and personal. The majority of the time, it’s because those expectations were never communicated. No one can read your mind, and God designed us all so different so no one else will ever think exactly like you. Kindly and directly communicate your needs with your team and family. This will help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and ensure everyone is on the same page.


Learn to Say No

You can’t do everything, and it’s important to recognize your limits. Don’t be afraid to turn down projects or requests that don’t align with your priorities or that will take up too much of your time. Saying no will help you maintain your focus and balance and ultimately benefit your business and your family because you will be able to say yes to the right things. Timing is everything; even if something may be good, it may not be good right now.  Pray for discernment as you consider the opportunities that arise. In my Modern Proverbs 31 Woman course, we deconstruct her identity so you can live in yours. 

Being a multi-passionate businesswoman and mama in one is incredibly rewarding. By creating these five habits, you have the potential to thrive in your career and family life. That’s what I want for you. The resources I create for you all are things that have helped me thrive in business, marriage, parenting, and friendships. I truly believe the Lord wants us to live abundantly, and if we learn to set healthy habits in our life, we will be able to experience the goodness He desires for us!



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Let’s chat about what healthy habits you’ve formed to help you run your business and family more smoothly. I’d love to hear!





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