Ruth Chou Simons preached to my heart today. I cried as she spoke truth over me and this audience about the freedom given in life, in accomplishments, and in motherhood via God’s grace.

Ruth’s new book, When Strivings Cease, speaks to women in all walks of life who are filled with anxiety because of the pressure to lead, pressure to be productive, pressure to seize the day, or pressure to parent well around the clock. 

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For those of you who may feel out of control of their circumstances and for the mama who just wants to make their child’s life the best that it can be, but the world creates defeat in your heart, this one is for you. Let us begin replacing the Gospel of self-improvement with the gospel of Grace. If you are new to the living easy podcast, I speak candidly about relationships, sex, marriage, studying God’s word, and more – all with a biblical foundation.

Feel free to scroll through the episode titles once you finish this episode because I guarantee that there is an episode (or five) for you! As always, grab a cup of coffee and join me for today’s sweet, encouraging conversation.

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