I used to feel terrified of what life would look like after my 20’s, but I feel like my experiences and this season of life have led me to a beautiful life that I never would have envisioned for myself.

My 30s have honestly been my favorite!

Here are 10 of the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far in my life:

1. I want to be where my feet are. When my feet are at home, I will be present at home. When my feet are with my friends, my mind shouldn’t be elsewhere. There is not one thing on my phone or on social media that is more important than being present with my family. Attention, presence and love are some of the greatest commodities in the four walls of my home. My family should always get the best version of me.

2. The only way that I can become the mom, wife, friend and daughter that I long to be is to have hard and honest conversations about my pain, and my past experiences, and to pursue forgiveness and restoration within my relationships (and to forgive myself) – even when it’s uncomfortable.

3. Aging isn’t a punishment, so I won’t treat it as such. Every day that I breathe another breath is a gift that God has given. Many people would have done anything to reach the age of 33, 40, 70…I choose to appreciate every day that I have been given.

4. Comfort breeds stagnancy. I have always been an adventurer and someone who likes to pursue new experiences, but only recently have I realized how much sweeter life is when I walk through my fear, instead of running away from it. Being intentional to do the things that I am *most* afraid of has provided more joy and growth in my life than anything else I’ve done.

5. Expectations ruin relationships. When you try to morph someone to fit your needs or expectations, you set them up for failure. When you choose to believe the best about someone in all circumstances, your relationships heal.

6. Everyone is a little bit lonely and a little bit broken. Be the pursuer, invite for coffee, check in on your people. We all need someone who cares and knows the depths of our hearts.

7. The love of money and success truly is the root of all evil. It can make the kindest people the most unpleasant to be around. Humility and generosity are endearing and beautiful. There is nothing money offers that humility doesn’t do better.

8. The loudest (or most proud) person in the room is usually the most broken or insecure. Love them hard, even when it’s hard. Compassion draws out vulnerability, so choose sympathy over frustration every time.

9. The more I try to find my happiness or identity in the pleasures of this world, the less it satisfies. To this day, there is nothing I have experienced that brings more fulfillment than the genuine peace and true joy that my relationship with Jesus has brought to my life.

10. Nobody is thinking about you half as much as you think they are, so live with freedom. I have wasted a lot of time waiting. The act of “waiting” steals from our lives. It forces us to live in the future, hoping for the next best thing, but never actually enjoying what’s right in front of us. I no longer choose to wait. If something isn’t mine at the time, I embrace that as God’s will for my life. Instead, I choose to live.

I would love for you to share one thing that you’ve learned in your 20s or 30s that has changed your life. I would love to learn from you. 🖤

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