**This post is paid for by a partnership with Rust-Oleum and all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Sutton and Saxon’s shared boy’s bedroom is almost complete and we are so excited to have them in the same space!

When we first moved in to this house, our primary focus was to gut the entire house and then to get our hosting spaces in order as soon as possible (because we love having people over!) We finished our double island kitchen renovation first thing (still in love!) and then moved on to our dining room and living room

But as we came across more sleep struggles with Saxon (our youngest), we knew it was time to put the boys in the same room.

The feel of the room before we renovated was pretty cluttered and dingy (as you can see in the photo below!) We had made them as cozy as possible, of course, but we hadn’t had much time to focus on the design. 

To begin the renovation, my brother-in-law helped us by adding wainscoting to the wall that we wanted to place the beds against. I wanted something subtle for the space but also a design that could be used as they grow older – or for something like an office if we ever decided to move them to a different room.

We did a typical rectangular style for a half wall and I was so excited to paint! I had chosen Rust-Oleum’s Studio Color Interior Paint + Primer in the ‘Clay Mask’ color in Eggshell from their premix color center display at Walmart.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you already know that I was slightly nervous to do the green because it was more bold than I’m used to. But as soon as I painted the first coat, I was so happy that I went with it.

Green is pretty on-trend right now and the Clay Mask color is deep and muted enough that it feels classy and neutral. 

The paint rolls on smooth and delivers long-lasting durability, exceptional coverage and superior washability. The mold and mildew resistant coating offers added protection.  

And – you’ll see in the video – it was so easy that even a toddler could do it! 😉 Saxon was my little helper in this process! He is such a worker-bee and I love it. It took me only a little over an hour and we were done. The purchase and application couldn’t have been easier!

I sold Sutton’s bed and decided on two metal, twin beds to pair with my favorite Beddy’s bedding for both beds. The boy’s bedroom is a pretty small space so we decided to move the bookshelf out into the playroom and add in a small, light wood nightstand, which is the perfect fit. 

And here is the final product!

The green looks so pretty up against the black and, while still fitting within my aesthetic, feels masculine enough for their space.

We have worked really hard to create a minimalistic home (we still have a ways to go, of course) but this room is perfectly simple for. 

I created a video from when I purchased the Rust-Oleum paint from Walmart to the (almost) final product! 

I ordered a light wood nightstand to go in between the beds and some black picture frames with portraits of the boys (I’m obsessed!) 

I decided on a small, black globe lamp and a desk plant to go on top of the nightstand for more of a minimalist feel. 

Guys, I seriously love the feel of this room. And I love that we were able to make the most of the small space. Doesn’t it look so much more cozy?!

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