We all need help remaining intentional with keeping God at the center of our marriage, so I wanted to create something simple you could implement to help.

Let me explain…

We live in a microwave world. I know from experience how much we want to see transformation happen right away! 

However, I’ve seen in my 30-something years that good things typically take time. Often the best things take even more time. 

It’s not how our flesh would prefer it, but God’s plan is always the best. 

I actually heard something today that fits this perfectly…

We know God can literally speak, and His will be done, so why did he wait 30 years before allowing Jesus to start his ministry? Why didn’t he just speak people into displaying obedience? 

He always has a plan, and his heart longs for us to find rest, joy, and peace IN HIM.. We can guarantee that we won’t understand why things happen in life the way they do, but his provision over us in every season is solid and secure.  We are never in this alone. 

Friend, if you are struggling in your marriage, I want to encourage you to find your hope in Jesus. 

Cling to him and allow him to fill whatever you feel you lack within your marriage. He is our perfect portion, and no one, not even our husbands, can fill our cup as He can. They weren’t designed for that. 

One thing we can all agree on is that marriage is hard. Two sinners united to spend the rest of their lives walking hand in hand through the ebbs and flows of life, it can only thrive with grace and forgiveness..

I know in the midst of the hard seasons, prayer can sometimes feel pointless, but that’s when we need to seek Jesus the most. 

When we abide in him, we have no choice but to let it overflow into our minds, marriage, and relationships. 

This year as we approach new chapters in life, I want to challenge you to spend 31 days in prayer for your marriage. 

The way to have a healthy relationship is to keep God the center of it. It’s the only way to have a thriving, joyful marriage. 

If you’re the only one right now willing to work on it, do it. Control what you can control. 

Surrender your relationship to Jesus and allow him to sanctify it one day at a time. 

I know from experience there are days when I can’t even find the words to pray, but God knows our hearts. He knows what we need before we even ask. 

I created this prayer calendar so you could lay your marriage before God each day and pray over a specific topic to encourage unity, love, intimacy, and fun within your marriage. 

Place this prayer calendar somewhere that is easily accessible each day because, truly there is nothing more important than working to grow something the Lord created for good and to glorify him. 

I want you to experience the joy, peace, and love that come from having a healthy relationship with your spouse. 

I want you to put the season of disconnect behind you and move forward stronger and closer than ever. 

2023 can be your year to build the foundation you and your spouse needed from the beginning. It is never too late!

I hope this prayer calendar ignites a fire within you and results in growth in your relationship. 

Download it now and send it to a friend. It’s always more fun when you do things with your friends!

If you want to take things to the next level and dig even deeper, sign up for our marriage bundle: The Wife Project: From Roommates to Soulmates and The Sex & Intimacy Project. 

Make 2023 a year to remember and invest in something that lasts. 

I can’t wait to hear what changes you see, big or small, after 31 days of prayer for your marriage!